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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Two more July books for your list!

July is almost too hot to do anything outside except lay by a pool, on the beach, or inside in a cool room, but all with a good book in hand! Two more books in my reading pile have let me pass away the hot days in a cool place that I just had to tell you about.
The historical by Donna Fletcher, LOVED BY A WARRIOR, is set in Scotland, where a Highland warrior rescues a beautiful maiden, cursed as the "death bride". Reeve MacAlphin doesn't believe in that sort of thing, so he takes her to his clan, where he's convinced she will be able to live in peace. Tara knows she is cursed, that anyone she loves or who loves her will die. She's not about to let her rescuer fall to the same fate, but the love that develops between them is not easily put aside. Will they be able to fight the curse and other things in order to be together? A fast read that is sexy and filled with tension. There is plenty of sizzling romance, some nice little conflicts and of course the added twist where Tara is supposed to marry someone else. It all adds up to a book you won't put it down until the end.
Next was a romantic suspense by Elizabeth Jennings. Now I love a good romance, complete with a hunky military/cop hero and this one fits the bill! This one features a super sexy Army guy, Mike, pulled in from Alaska by the CIA to work with a renown restorer of historical manuscripts in a deadly mission. Lucy is beautiful, haunted and the only one who will be able to go into the country of Nhala to help track down the culprit behind a bio-chemical weapon that is headed for the U.S. Instantly attracted to one another, Lucy and Mike must fight against all odds and cheat even death itself in order to rid the world and the U.S. of this deadly threat. In the end, will death win out after all? If you are a fan of the military romances that have the characters trekking across the world, fighting for each other unto the death, this is a good read. The only thing bad I have to say about this book was that it was too short! I wish it had lasted longer because the tension, action and romance kept me hanging on to the end. I expect more books by this author!
One more book for July, and that is Liz Carlyle's THE BRIDE WORE SCARLET. I'll be posting about that one in just a few days!

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