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Friday, July 01, 2011

July reads from Avon

I'm excited for this month's reads from Avon! First up is Lorraine Heath's latest and third in her trilogy - WAKING UP WITH THE DUKE. And if you are a Heath fan like I am, you'll really enjoy this one where Lady Jayne Seymour and the Duke of Ainsley are basically forced together by Jayne's paralyzed husband so she can have a baby. Yes, you read it right, but don't let that premise put you off - it's very well written and sympathetic towards all characters. I couldn't put it down!
Next on the list is A MATTER OF SCANDAL by Suzanne Enoch, which is so far a delicious read involving the headmistress of a finishing school and the Duke of Wycliffe who wants to increase the rent on the school. Heads are butting!
Then there will be Donna Fletcher's LOVED BY A WARRIOR and a romantic suspense from Elizabeth Jennings - DARKNESS AT DAWN. Both look equally wonderful!
I will be leaving on a week long cruise from Sunday, July 3 until next Sunday, July 10, but I will be posting as soon as I get back about these books. Enjoy your holiday weekend and happy reading!


Madelyn said...

Enjoy your cruise and happy reading!

Livia said...

Have a great cruise Jen, take pictures!

Gloria said...

Great blog comments Jennifer. Looking forward to reading WAKING UP WITH THE DUKE. Have a great holiday, and a wonderful cruise.

jenngjones said...

Thanks everyone! Jen

MotheringBoys said...

WAKING UP WITH THE DUKE sounds great! I love those kinds of reads. Enjoy your trip!

Moni said...

Hmm...I have not read any historicals in awhile, these are definitely piquing my interest.