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Sunday, December 14, 2008

What is the deal with TWILIGHT??

On Facebook, at school, at Girl Scout Meetings, from my kids, and even all over the TV, I am hearing the word TWILIGHT everywhere!!!! At first, I was not going to investigate, because it is a teen book and I only read adult books. (Yes, that is true book snobbery, there!) I kept that up for a long while, longer than I can believe now. Then, one day, I was in the book section at my favorite "W" mart and saw the book. Thinking "What is the big deal, anyway?" I pick it up and start a quick skim of the first chapter. WOW! I was hooked, but, I still denied myself. After all, I like stories for adults, with those good old adult situations, if you know what I mean. Still, I held off. My son goes to see the movie with his friend, comes home raving - yet, I still hold off. My bestest girlfriend takes her daughter to see the movie and immediately goes out and buys the books. She gushes to me that I have to read it. Okay, so now I give in. I buy the movie cover paperback at the same store I skimmed it at previously. I zipped through this book at amazing speed. It was so well written, not at all what I was expecting from a teen book. Alas, there came a part where I had to set it down. The romance seemed to be pointless. How on earth were they ever going to overcome his bloodthirst to have a relationship? Why couldn't they just get to the sex and bloodletting that I wanted? How was I going to ever finish this book!?!! Oh, the agony! Well, after reading some good old Sherrilyn Kenyon and JR Ward, I dove in again. I finished it rather quickly and handed it off to my son to read - Yes, he knew it was romance, but he was just reading it for the vampires. Scoff, scoff, cough, cough! Yeah, right!!!

So I loved it, I can admit that now. Yes, my teen Girl Scouts and I are discussing this at our next book club meeting this Tuesday. Yes, we are all going to the movies together to see it soon. YES, I am totally into Edward Cullen. I pacify myself by saying it is not perversion, since he is a vamp and well over the legal limit for my lust. Now, if my bratty scouts would hurry and finish NEW MOON, I could read it myself!!!

ARRRGGGHHHH! Where was Edward when I was a teenager!?! Thank you, Stephenie Meyer, for giving me yet another addiction!