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Thursday, August 15, 2013

More July Paranormal Pics

Vamp City-Book 2
Pamela Palmer
ISBN: 978-0-06-210753-4
July 2013

Quinn Lennox hoped she would never have to return to Vamp City, but since her escape with her brother, he has continued to sicken and she knows that she just might have to return. She is pretty sure he is suffering from magic sickness and the only cure for that just might be her ability to save Vamp City from ultimate destruction. Quinn is a sorceress and has untapped power and has no idea what to do to reach that power. But her last trip there nearly cost her and her brother their lives, and there is the sexy vampire who betrayed her and left her wanting more. Arturo is everything her heart longs for, but her head tells her he can no longer be trusted. Even though he continues to protect her at all costs, she still suspects his motives. Vamp City is dying and without Quinn, the magic will die and so will the vampires and other members of Vamp City. To save Vamp City she will have to unlock her magic while trying to stay alive and away from Arturo's master, who feeds off pain and has tortured Quinn in the past. But Arturo has vowed that he will never allow him to hurt her ever again, and he would rather die than allow anyone to ever hurt Quinn.
A KISS OF BLOOD is book 2 in the Vamp City series and quite unique in the paranormal genre with its parallel world existing in Washington D.C. More is yet to come in this series and it should be interesting to see where Palmer is headed next.

Reviewed by Lori Sears
Rating: 4

Lori Sears