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Monday, October 31, 2011

All About Seduction by Katy Madison

Katy Madison
Avon Historical
ISBN 978-0-06-201735-2
November 2011

When Caroline Broadhurst is forced by her old husband to get with child by another man, she reluctantly goes along with his plan in order to save her family that depends on their money. Jack Applegate is a mill worker at the Broadhurst mills, and has secretly wanted Caroline for a long time. Then, a horrible accident leaves him with a broken ankle and convalescing at Broadhurst under the care of Caroline. Here, Caro's plan comes together. Will their tryst turn to love, and will they ever be able to be together?

I recently read a similar story line a few months ago that was well done (Lorraine Heath's WAKING UP WITH THE DUKE). Heath's was well drawn out, tasteful and understandably written. However, this one was just plain creepy. First, Caro tries out several men to have sex with. And while she doesn't succeed in having "actual" intercourse, she does go quite a way with one of them. Even her old, drecrepit husband gets his fair share in a fit of jealousy. While the premise is to build up her husband as a sterile old man, and even a meanie, this does not negate the fact that the author chooses to have the heroine being intimate with several men, other than the hero.

The buildup of romance between Caro and Jack was slow and tedious. Jack's family is not much better, sponging off his money while they can, leaving him little choice in the direction of his life. Ultimately, he's dependent on Caroline's money to save him. I get that the author had to make valid reasons for Jack staying on at Broadhurst, but poor Jack was made out to be little short of a beggar. The romance between them, sadly, was not enough to save this book from the agonizing process of getting to the end, which felt too neatly tied in a ribbon for it to seem believable

Reviewed by: Jennifer Jones
Rating: 2
The Awakening Series-Book 2
Regan Hastings
ISBN-13: 978-0451234971
October 2011
The Awakening series is back with the latest release from Regan Hastings, VISIONS OF SKYFIRE. In the newest story, Teresa Santiago is the witch about to come into her powers. Teresa has prepared for this role her entire life and now that the magic is quickening within her, she knows that it is just a matter of time before her Eternal appears. An Eternal is an immortal who is the destined mate of each of the witches who is tasked with finding an artifact that they hid several reincarnations ago. Teresa belonged to a coven of witches who attempted to gain more power through the creation of a powerful artifact and after almost destroying the world, they broke it into pieces and each witch hid it somewhere safe. Now they are coming into their powers and their destined mates must help them remember the past and recover the pieces. If they are unsuccessful, the world will be destroyed. Teresa and Rune have a lot against them and their quest is filled with danger and death. Rune is still caught in the past and the person Teresa used to be and Teresa is determined not to love her Eternal. But fate will have its say and both may find that their wishes are the last thing they have to worry about.
Reviewed by Lori Sears

MUCH ADO ABOUT VAMPIRES MacAlister (Oct 11) Paranormal

Dark Ones, Book 9
Katie MacAlister
ISBN-13: 9780451234926
MacAlister returns with her latest Dark Ones novel and it features Alec Darwin. Alec lost his Beloved in a tragic accident and is pretty much ready to end it all. When he is saved by Cora Ferreira, he ends up in one big mess after another. He has been banished to the Akasha by the Moravian Council, but with Cora's help he ends up traveling around the world fighting against those who are trying to destroy her. When Alec learns that Cora is his reincarnated Beloved he is confused and hopes that she will complete the steps needed to fully join with him. But Cora isn't real keen on becoming the mate of a vampire. She doesn't know if she can overcome her past relationships and settle down with someone of the paranormal nature. As danger stalks them, Cora finds herself in a do or die situation. If she doesn't chose Alec, she will not survive. MUCH ADO ABOUT VAMPIRES is another great release filled with humor and sensuality and another reason to love Katie MacAlister.
Reviewed by Lori Sears
Rating: 4