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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Guest Blogger: Karen White Owens

Recently, I went to Amazon.com to take a look at the reviews for my latest release, I Can Make You Love Me. Yes, I know I shouldn’t do this. But I’m like that driver on the freeway who can’t help slowing down and gawking at the roadside auto accident. It’s in my nature.

Anyhoo, I was surprised by the title one reader gave her review “Cougar Story Tastefully Done.” I sat up straighter in my chair and fumed, glaring at the computer screen with my lips pressed together as mentally willed the reviewer to see my displeasure.

Cougar story? I don’t write about animals. This story is about sensitive people that find love, but battle issues and problems along the way. My heroines are women with careers who find themselves involved in older woman-younger man relationships.

Contemplating the term cougar, I discussed the phrase with a coworker. When I think of a cougar I envision a slick, beautiful animal perched in a tree, stretched along a branch, lying n wait for an unsuspecting younger man to stroll by. Suddenly, the woman notices a prospective cub and she pounces. The cougar catch of the day as been caught.

Being an adult reference librarian, I did a quick search using Google. I typed in the term ‘cougar’ and was surprised by the number of hits I received. I truly expected to have to refine my search strategy. There was even information about cougar dos and don’ts.

A co-worker and I pondered this lifestyle and why this trend is so popular. We came up with several scenarios, including the fact there has been a role reversal for women. They are now in running multi-million dollar companies. Also, ladies have the financial freedom to make any choice that suits them.

Also, at this point in most women’s lives they are unconcerned with what others think. It’s a time to do what makes them happy and feel good. Younger men do a fine job of helping the women enjoy life.

Now that I’ve discussed the concept of cougars, I want to tell you that I Can Make You Love Me is a sensitive story about a man that finds the love of his life in a woman that happens to be thirteen years older than him. It is up to the hero to convince the heroine that they belong together. Although the heroine is willing to get involve with him, she is unwilling to allow her children to get attached to her new and younger lover. Problems arise when the heroine’s ex-husband tries to control the heroine’s love life.

Take a look at the book and pass your thoughts to me via e-mail. I can be reached at karenwowens@gmail.com. I’m always anxious to hear how readers view my stories.
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