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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

When is enough enough and it's time to end a series?

If you are like me, you adore series and connected stories. But when is enough enough already and it's time to end the series? Is there ever a point when a series needs to be brought to an end and the characters' stories all tied up? Or do you want it all left open and the series continuing on?

At one point I thought it was time to end the Stephanie Plum series from Janet Evanovich,then she came out with book 12 and I was hooked again. Now I want more from these characters. But does that mean that the series should run forever?

Is there a series that has been going on too long?

What series do you hope never ends?

I find I like series and as long as the author continues to write good stories I will continue to read, but I want the characters to grow and their world to expand.


Friday, August 11, 2006

books made into movies

Recently I've noticed that a number of books are being made into movies. I find this interesting on a number of levels. One does that mean that writers now have a higher chance of seeing their books on the big screen? Will this effect how books are written in any way?

I have no seen most of these new movies, like THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA. I haven't read the book either. But the few movies I've seen that where books, namely Danielle Steele's books and Linda Howard's LOVING EVANGLINE. They just lost something in the translation. So it makes me wonder how is it that in romance, women's fiction something seems to get lost,but with a Stephen King novel that doesn't happen?

Is it something in the writing or is is something about reading the stories that we all add what we want and somethings producers just don't understand that?

I'm curious if there is one book you've read recently you'd love to see made into a movie. What book and why?

Is there a book you hope they never attempt to make into a movie because you know it'll be bad?

What are your feelings on books into movies overall?


Thursday, August 10, 2006

Oh, those Alpha Males

What is it about the alpha male that drives most of us women crazy with lust!?! I love a story with a confident, assured man in it. When he gets to sensitive or too mushy, it can take away from the story for me. I don't want him to be a total hard-ass, but I do want that solid stoicism. However, recently I read a story in an anthology - that I am not willing to name right now, later I might - where the hero was set up to be perfectly alpha, but he came across as too much. Maybe he was too cocky, too bossy, just too..... something. He was hot, but overall, he just did not grab me like most of them have in the past.

I will name some of my favorite alphas if you will!

Where to start?? Oh, the Dark-Hunters. Sherrilyn Kenyon definitely knows the alpha male! Vane, the Were-Hunter, is one of my favorites. (Maybe because he likes thicker women!!) Janet Evanovich struck a cord in me with Ranger. He is too heavenly. Everyone should read the Stephanie Plum books, if just for him! I am such a babe. Sandra Hill has some great alpha cajun men, ooooweeee! Suzanne Brockmann has always done great with her Seals!! There are so many and I always wind up forgetting some. Oh, have you read Jane Porter's The Sheik's Disobedient Bride? Ohhh, Tair is soo very alpha. Karen Marie Moning is a definite pleaser with her Druids - Daegus is my man! I fell instantly in love with him in The Dark Highlander.

The storylines I like best are:
Military men
Medieval men (esp time travel!)
Bosses - oh, yeah, stereotype me, baby!
Vampires and Shape Shifters

Oh, heck, I admit, I like them all! So, tell me, which alphas do you like better?Or do you prefer a more Beta male, like in Vicki Lewis Thompson's nerd series?