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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Two more July books for your list!

July is almost too hot to do anything outside except lay by a pool, on the beach, or inside in a cool room, but all with a good book in hand! Two more books in my reading pile have let me pass away the hot days in a cool place that I just had to tell you about.
The historical by Donna Fletcher, LOVED BY A WARRIOR, is set in Scotland, where a Highland warrior rescues a beautiful maiden, cursed as the "death bride". Reeve MacAlphin doesn't believe in that sort of thing, so he takes her to his clan, where he's convinced she will be able to live in peace. Tara knows she is cursed, that anyone she loves or who loves her will die. She's not about to let her rescuer fall to the same fate, but the love that develops between them is not easily put aside. Will they be able to fight the curse and other things in order to be together? A fast read that is sexy and filled with tension. There is plenty of sizzling romance, some nice little conflicts and of course the added twist where Tara is supposed to marry someone else. It all adds up to a book you won't put it down until the end.
Next was a romantic suspense by Elizabeth Jennings. Now I love a good romance, complete with a hunky military/cop hero and this one fits the bill! This one features a super sexy Army guy, Mike, pulled in from Alaska by the CIA to work with a renown restorer of historical manuscripts in a deadly mission. Lucy is beautiful, haunted and the only one who will be able to go into the country of Nhala to help track down the culprit behind a bio-chemical weapon that is headed for the U.S. Instantly attracted to one another, Lucy and Mike must fight against all odds and cheat even death itself in order to rid the world and the U.S. of this deadly threat. In the end, will death win out after all? If you are a fan of the military romances that have the characters trekking across the world, fighting for each other unto the death, this is a good read. The only thing bad I have to say about this book was that it was too short! I wish it had lasted longer because the tension, action and romance kept me hanging on to the end. I expect more books by this author!
One more book for July, and that is Liz Carlyle's THE BRIDE WORE SCARLET. I'll be posting about that one in just a few days!

Monday, July 25, 2011

More July Paranormal Picks

As July winds down to a close, I wanted to update all my paranormal followers about some more great reads. First, as I mentioned in my last post, I have read the first two books in a new series by Karina Cooper. Let me just mention the first in the series called BLOOD OF THE WICKED. It is a June release and sets up the series with a lot of action and steamy romance. The July release is LURE OF THE WICKED and I enjoyed it very much. The Dark Mission series is set in a new world where witches are considered the enemy and the Holy Order is a church based order bent on destroying all witches-evil or not. As there are a lot of evil witches involved, the Order does have some merit, but with them destroying all witches indiscriminately, innocent ones are suffering along with the guilty. In both novels, the main characters are soldiers of the Holy Order and their lives are changed when the start to realize everything is not so black and white as the church would have them believe. I am not usually a big fan of futuristic style novels, but I must say Cooper's take had me interested from page one.

Next on the list is Shiloh Walker's HUNTER'S FALL. As a big fan of Walker's, I always look forward to her next Hunter book and this one was awesome. This is Nessa's story and she really needed her own happy ending. Nessa was an ancient witch who lost her mate at an early age. He promised to return to her and after 500 years she finally gave up. Prior to giving up, during a fight with an evil witch, her body was destroyed and she ended up in a new body. The only downside was that part of the other witch was still with her and constantly giving her grief. Meanwhile, Dominic, another hunter starts having hallucinations and frankly thinks he is losing his mind. When he seeks out help, he starts to remember more about his previous life and his promise to return. But before he can find Nessa, she disappears and he will have to find her come hell or high water.

Last in my July selections is FEAST: HARVEST OF DREAMS written by Merrie Destefano, a new author to me. The book stars an author who takes a vacation to a childhood resort in order to overcome her writer's block. Once there she starts experiencing some paranormal events that frighten her as much as they exite. She also starts to remember some experiences she lived through as a child. When she meets Ash, he feels vaguely familiar as well he should since he saved her life as a child. Ash is a Darkling and the protector of the people of Ticonderoga Falls. He has suffered for a long time since the death of his mate, but Maddie may just be the cure. I really enjoyed FEAST, but I do have to warn readers that the book has many short chapters told in each characters voice and made the story feel choppy, otherwise it is quite an enjoyeable read. Happy reading all!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

July Picks

July is fast coming to a close, with one week left; I thought I’d share with you my July reads. My selections are definitely a mix of genres, a potpourri of sorts, and each title offers readers a great story. So, if you are a romantic suspense, paranormal or contemporary romance fan, I am confident that one of these titles will pique your interest.

First up, Nancy Bush’s, HUSH. She has moved to the top of my list of authors that writes an exceptional story that causes the reader to really stop, re-group and really take in all the small details of the characters and storyline. HUSH, starts off with a griping murder that appears to be a horrific accident while families and friends are on the beach. Twelve years later, the same group of folks (with a few exceptions) are gathered again, in the same area, for another celebration; a celebration that would take a tragic turn, leaving the same unanswered questions and even stronger accusations. Reunions are always interesting, however, it’s the revelations [secrets] from past and current dalliances that shocking, to say the least. A totally engrossing story and a plot that will twist and turn leaving the reader gasping and trying to figure out who the killer is!

TRRC rating of 4 ½

Next, Cynthia Eden’s, NEVER CRY WOLF. What’s an alpha wolf to do when he is arrested for a murder he did not commit, this time? Accept the assistance of a beautiful stranger and provide her with protection in exchange for an alibi, is all Lucas Simone has to do, to become free again. Sensing that there is more to Sarah King, Lucas reluctantly accepts her conditions and in the process finds out that he is the target of another pack’s leader revenge. With a coyotes and a former lover on Sarah’s trail, a traitor in his pack, and not to mention, his own increasing attraction to Sarah, Lucas may have bitten of more than he can handle. NEVER CRY WOLF is an engaging read worth adding to your summer reading list.

TRRC rating of 4

Finally, the conclusion to Christie Ridgway’s, Three Kisses series, CAN’T HURRY LOVE. If you are familiar with the series, you know that the stories take place on a vineyard in Napa and the sisters are desperately trying to save the family business. In the previous books sisters, Allie and Stevie, found love and married. Now, it’s time for Giuliana to make peace with Liam Bennett. Jules and Liam were Edenville’s “it” couple as teenagers, but young love is not strong enough to sustain them in their adult lives, or is it? With the future of Tanti Baci hanging on the success of their wedding business, Jules make plans that could potentially create a rift in the relationship with Allie and Stevie. With a vested interest in ensuring that Tanti Baci survives, Liam, decides enough is enough and sets out to reconcile with Jules. No one is aware of what happened between the two so many years ago and only through a series of misfortunes will they be able to heal and forgive. The best of the series, YOU CAN’T HURRY LOVE, will pull you in as the emotional connection between Jules and Liam becomes stronger once they confront the hurt and begin to trust again.

TRRC rating 4 ½

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Two More Terrific Books To Read

This weekend on the East Coast is absolutely beautiful and hot, hot, hot. Two new books will fit the bill for your reading pleasure as you stay cool. The first is by one of my favorite authors, JoAnn Ross, and is her latest in the Shelter Bay series. ONE SUMMER is the story of former Marine photojournalist, Gabriel St. James. A famous photographer who has managed to keep his feelings out of his work, his cynical attitude is challenged when he sees a stray dog thrown from a car. As he turns his motor home around and rescues the pooch he ends up taking it to veterinarian Charity Tiernan. This begins his reluctant involvement with Charity, her friends in the town, and most memorably, the dog. I absolutely loved this complex, well plotted novel, found myself crying at one point; animals are a decidedly effective way of integrating human emotions. Not to be missed, this one is a keeper. Plua we get to catch up with characters from previous books, which is always fun.

Equally good but a different romance genre, is the latest historical novel by a relatively new author, Kaki Warner. The first in her Runaway Brides series, HEARTBREAK CREEK, details a young woman who answers an advertisement for a wife and goes, with her half sister, from the deep south to the wilds of a cattle ranch in Colorado. Declan Brodie is a widower with four children who are running wild. Edwina is appalled but digs in and endures. Threatened by a renegade Indian, they endure intense challenges. Their love story is delightful and just gives us further proof that Kaki Warner is distinguishing herself as a historical romance writer. I cannot wait for the next book in the series.

Both of these novels deserve a 4 1/2 in the TRRC rating system. Both are outstanding and thoroughly enjoyable. Have a safe summer and happy reading until my next post! geri

Saturday, July 16, 2011

A delightful Regency charmer - A Matter Of Scandal

Just barely back from my week long escapade to the Caribbean, I was able to finally get back to reading - the first on my list was A MATTER OF SCANDAL. The Duke of Wycliffe, trying to get out of the sights of matchmaking mammas, heads to his uncle's estate where he is asked to help the estate get out of a dangerous debt. Wycliffe decides to raise the rents on the estate's properties, one of which is the girl's Academy where young girls are taught how to become ladies and gain a respectable marriage. Wycliffe despises the notion of ladies learning how to trap men into marriage, so he has no qualms with raising their rent. When Miss Emma Grenville stands up to the Duke, they end up betting on a wager. What ensues is charming, funny and witty, with Wycliffe becoming more enthralled with Emma, since she seems to be the only female on earth that isn't falling for his legendary charms. A host of secondary characters bring some added spice to this romance, and I hope for Tristan's story next! Very entertaining and sexy romance to add to your summer reading pile.

Contemporary Romance - Dance of Temptation

It's summer time and everyone is looking for ways to stay cool and relax. Relaxing for me means curling up with a good romance book, and last week my selection was the third book in the series written by one of my favorite authors, Janice Sims, entitled DANCE OF TEMPTATION. This story is about prima ballerina Belana Whitaker and sports agent Nicolas Reed, whose relationship ended before it really got started. But one fateful night a chance meeting allows them to clear the air and start again. The task isn't easy as they both learn that relationships take a lot of work. As they begin to learn more about each other, they not only learn what real love is about, but they struggle with family issues too. There's one major hurdle that Belana struggles with and it maybe the one step n the relationship that could end it for good. If you haven't already done so you might want to read the other books in this series; TEMPTATION'S SONG and TEMPTATION'S KISS, stories that involve Belana's two closest friends. The one thing I like about Ms. Sims romance stories is that the characters are always memorable.

Monday, July 11, 2011

TRRC Post for 7/11/11

Hello to all you TRRC readers out there this hot summer night. I am going to talk about two new books that you can get NOW in bookstores. The first is Tori Carrington's second book in The Pleasure Seekers series. A Harlequin Blaze, WICKED PLEASURES is just as wickedly hot as the first book in the series. Former marine and FBI agent Linc Williams is monitoring Regina Dodson, the ex-girlfriend of a target. What Linc doesn't count on is continuous, ongoing passion. This book is hot, hot, hot and perfect for the beach as you delve into their complex relationship. Honestly, the writing duo of Tori Carrington does categories better than anyone. And let me tell you, we have the third book in the trilogy to look forward to and I can reveal that UNDENIABLE PLEASURES, which comes out next month, has a bonus second book, making this one extra long with a gorgeous guy on the cover. I can't wait!

I also have to tell you about the latest from the talented Olivia Gates, TO TOUCH A SHEIKH, out in bookstores right now. This is the third book in her popular Pride of Zohayd trilogy and we meet Amjad Aal Shalaan, a tarnished hero, who has survived a murderous wife and never sees himself emotionally involved with ANY woman. The ultimate cynic, he is rattled by the beautiful Maram Aal Waaked, from a rival family. She gives as good as she gets and as always, the locale is exotic, the dialogue is intense and witty, and the intimacy is intense. Fans of this author will adore this last book in the series. I am sorry to see it end. Again, another good one for the beach.

That's all for now. I hope you are all enjoying your summer and making romance books part of your relaxation! geri

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Paranormal Pick for July
Just in time for the July 4th kickoff, Lara Adrian pays us another visit with her latest release in the Midnight Breed series. The latest story features Hunter, the Gen 1 warrior who is rather new to the Breed warriors. As a former assassin for the Order's enemy, Hunter was never exposed to anything other than violence and battle. He has changed since devoting himself to the Order's goals, but never would he guess that his greatest battle would come in the form of the lovely breedmate named Corrine. Corrine was held as a prisoner for many years and when Hunter volunteers to take her home, their world is changed forever. DEEPER THAN MIDNIGHT is book 9 in this series and another hit for Adrian.
The summer holds more great reading and as usual I will be trying to find the best in the paranormal world, so stay tuned! Right now I am checking out a new series by Karina Cooper and it looks really promising.

Friday, July 01, 2011

July reads from Avon

I'm excited for this month's reads from Avon! First up is Lorraine Heath's latest and third in her trilogy - WAKING UP WITH THE DUKE. And if you are a Heath fan like I am, you'll really enjoy this one where Lady Jayne Seymour and the Duke of Ainsley are basically forced together by Jayne's paralyzed husband so she can have a baby. Yes, you read it right, but don't let that premise put you off - it's very well written and sympathetic towards all characters. I couldn't put it down!
Next on the list is A MATTER OF SCANDAL by Suzanne Enoch, which is so far a delicious read involving the headmistress of a finishing school and the Duke of Wycliffe who wants to increase the rent on the school. Heads are butting!
Then there will be Donna Fletcher's LOVED BY A WARRIOR and a romantic suspense from Elizabeth Jennings - DARKNESS AT DAWN. Both look equally wonderful!
I will be leaving on a week long cruise from Sunday, July 3 until next Sunday, July 10, but I will be posting as soon as I get back about these books. Enjoy your holiday weekend and happy reading!