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Monday, July 11, 2011

TRRC Post for 7/11/11

Hello to all you TRRC readers out there this hot summer night. I am going to talk about two new books that you can get NOW in bookstores. The first is Tori Carrington's second book in The Pleasure Seekers series. A Harlequin Blaze, WICKED PLEASURES is just as wickedly hot as the first book in the series. Former marine and FBI agent Linc Williams is monitoring Regina Dodson, the ex-girlfriend of a target. What Linc doesn't count on is continuous, ongoing passion. This book is hot, hot, hot and perfect for the beach as you delve into their complex relationship. Honestly, the writing duo of Tori Carrington does categories better than anyone. And let me tell you, we have the third book in the trilogy to look forward to and I can reveal that UNDENIABLE PLEASURES, which comes out next month, has a bonus second book, making this one extra long with a gorgeous guy on the cover. I can't wait!

I also have to tell you about the latest from the talented Olivia Gates, TO TOUCH A SHEIKH, out in bookstores right now. This is the third book in her popular Pride of Zohayd trilogy and we meet Amjad Aal Shalaan, a tarnished hero, who has survived a murderous wife and never sees himself emotionally involved with ANY woman. The ultimate cynic, he is rattled by the beautiful Maram Aal Waaked, from a rival family. She gives as good as she gets and as always, the locale is exotic, the dialogue is intense and witty, and the intimacy is intense. Fans of this author will adore this last book in the series. I am sorry to see it end. Again, another good one for the beach.

That's all for now. I hope you are all enjoying your summer and making romance books part of your relaxation! geri

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Livia said...

I just got WICKED PLEASURES last week. When I have all three I will commence the reading marathon.I'm hearing Tori Carrington has really outdone themselves with this series.