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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Two More Terrific Books To Read

This weekend on the East Coast is absolutely beautiful and hot, hot, hot. Two new books will fit the bill for your reading pleasure as you stay cool. The first is by one of my favorite authors, JoAnn Ross, and is her latest in the Shelter Bay series. ONE SUMMER is the story of former Marine photojournalist, Gabriel St. James. A famous photographer who has managed to keep his feelings out of his work, his cynical attitude is challenged when he sees a stray dog thrown from a car. As he turns his motor home around and rescues the pooch he ends up taking it to veterinarian Charity Tiernan. This begins his reluctant involvement with Charity, her friends in the town, and most memorably, the dog. I absolutely loved this complex, well plotted novel, found myself crying at one point; animals are a decidedly effective way of integrating human emotions. Not to be missed, this one is a keeper. Plua we get to catch up with characters from previous books, which is always fun.

Equally good but a different romance genre, is the latest historical novel by a relatively new author, Kaki Warner. The first in her Runaway Brides series, HEARTBREAK CREEK, details a young woman who answers an advertisement for a wife and goes, with her half sister, from the deep south to the wilds of a cattle ranch in Colorado. Declan Brodie is a widower with four children who are running wild. Edwina is appalled but digs in and endures. Threatened by a renegade Indian, they endure intense challenges. Their love story is delightful and just gives us further proof that Kaki Warner is distinguishing herself as a historical romance writer. I cannot wait for the next book in the series.

Both of these novels deserve a 4 1/2 in the TRRC rating system. Both are outstanding and thoroughly enjoyable. Have a safe summer and happy reading until my next post! geri


Gloria said...

Thank you for the great summary. I'm going to look for both books.

Moni said...

The Shelter Bay series is one of my favorites by this author. Somehow, I forgot to pick this one up. Thanks for the review and reminder!