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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Three Vices Book One
C.H. Admirand
C.H. Admirand Publishing
March 2014 (eBook)
ISBN# 978-0-9897099-6-5
Historical Romance

Viscount Rexley must defend his family's honor in a duel, but he never meant for the bullet to hit a woman! His family is in crisis due to a blackmailer, so he needs funds and the most reasonable solution is to find an heiress. When they show up at the same ball later that night, it shocks him to discover the woman he shot is the same one he has contracted to marry.

When Lady Patience's cousin has an appointment at dawn in a duel, she feels the need to thwart his demise and in turn gets herself shot. She's stunned to discover that the man she's been contracted to marry is the same man who shot her. Patience doesn't want to marry anyone, but she finds Lord Rexley captivating and eventually they marry. Little do they both know that when an unexpected event tears them apart, it may be too late to realize the depths of their love.

This reboot of a previous version( published in 2007) is a toned down one according to the author. I found the story a bit tiresome, with many plot devices thrown in as if the author couldn't figure out which way to go. I did skip through some of it, simply because I lost interest in the characters. I also found the ending to be a bit predictable.

Reviewed by: Jennifer Jones
Rating: 3