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Monday, July 28, 2008


Terri Brisbin
Harlequin Historical #910
ISBN: 978-0-373-29510-4
August 2008

Marian Robertson, is known as the Robertson Harlot, however after 5yrs she's returned to her home and has disguised herself. With the Laird(her older brother)'s approval she is living as a widowed cousin and keeping to herself. She cares for her daughter and stays as quiet as possible. She only wants to keep her child and herself save. Duncan comes upon them by accident when he hears her scream. She saves her and can't seem to stop himself from returning to her home time and time again. Duncan, known as the Peacemaker, is in the Robertson land to arrange a treaty between their laird and his MacLerie Laird. However his feelings for Mara, as he knows her is causing him to be distracted. Then things get worse and he is forced into a marriage with her. However things are not as they first seem. What secrets has Marian held for years? Can love grow or will lies from the past ruin their changes for happiness?

This book was outstanding. While it is part of the series, I was fine reading it as a stand alone. The story in noway was a continuing ARC. Just has recurring characters from previous books. I do now have the previous titles on order. Even though the Beast of the Highlands sounds awfully familar to me. The story is engaging and keeps you quickly turning pages. The characters are wonderful and more. The plotline while I figured out part of it early on, parts of it were shocking and will most likely lead readers to tear up a bit. And Duncan, well he's a hero I'd cross a bed of hot coals to meet. This is a great historical romance. I just had to tell you all about it. It's been awhile since I've been this excited about a book/author/ charcter. Now I want the other books. And while I just ordered them, I'm very very tempted to just hit BN and buy them new,LOL

WendyK *copied from post at TRRC reader's list*

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Author Signing pics

Wendy, Virginia Kantra, and Mad
Wendy and Virgina Kantra(yes I went just for her)
All of the authors together
another shot of all the authors
author Jenna Black Author Claudia Dain
Author Liz Carlyle

Author's Sabrina Jeffries and Elizabeth Amber

Author Diane Chamberlain and Mad(on left)

Authors Deb Marlowe and Emilie Rose (on right)

Author Signings

I went to an Author signing on July 12, this past Sat. I had a lot of fun, talked with some great people. And bought some great books. I will post pictures later on today.

Do you prefer to "know" or met the authors you love or do you think it's better to not know them personally? Do you like big author signings with 100s of authors like RWAs or do you prefer the more intimate signings with at most 3/4 authors or even the single author signings? Do you take your own books to be signed or only buy books that are available there? Do you take other things to be signed, ie totes, bookmarks, coverflats.......? What was the best author signing you've been to and what made it so great?


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Trials And Laments Of A Romance Reader

With a firm conviction two days ago I started to read a book from a genre that is not part of my regular reading habits. I was reading Jo Beverly's MY LADY NOTORIOUS as the discussion book for the Grab A Book List. The book is very highly recommended and to to be truthful I was really enjoying it until I checked the calendar and discovered the new Silhouette Desires and the Silhouette Special Edition Thoroughbred Legacy series was on store shelves. What I'm about to write next is embarrassing and shameful!

At lunchtime I trucked to two Borders to get these gems! I arrived home with my horde and honestly I was sorting them to place on the bookshelf, when the first book in the Legacy series caught my eye. I skimmed and the next thing I knew I was five chapters into the story and already anxious to read the next book. The poor Jo Beverly book is face down in another chair and I honestly don't know if I'll finished it in time for the discussion. How on earth does this happen? There's just too many good books out there and not nearly enough time in the day to read them all. What is a avid reader to do?


Monday, July 07, 2008


I took a look at that great cover from Silhouette Desire's Kings of California series, (See Wendy's June 20, 2008 post). I couldn't wait to see if I had the book because this is one more series I can move up in my category pile and of course, I have the first book in the series,and the third, which is the one Wendy is offering for giveaway. The second I totally missed and now I have to try and find it. Such is the DILEMMA of being a category reader, ONE MUST KEEP UP! The good thing this series is being released slow, the fourth book won't be out for a while so I can catch up and then sit around in agony waiting for it.

At least Silhouette Special Edition is helping in this matter,somewhat. . . they have a new series called the Thoroughbred Legacy starting this month and it will be four books released at one time, of course the next four will be published in September, and the final four in December so there may still be the problem of a poor memory and not being able to keep up. It's a vicious circle!