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Monday, July 07, 2008


I took a look at that great cover from Silhouette Desire's Kings of California series, (See Wendy's June 20, 2008 post). I couldn't wait to see if I had the book because this is one more series I can move up in my category pile and of course, I have the first book in the series,and the third, which is the one Wendy is offering for giveaway. The second I totally missed and now I have to try and find it. Such is the DILEMMA of being a category reader, ONE MUST KEEP UP! The good thing this series is being released slow, the fourth book won't be out for a while so I can catch up and then sit around in agony waiting for it.

At least Silhouette Special Edition is helping in this matter,somewhat. . . they have a new series called the Thoroughbred Legacy starting this month and it will be four books released at one time, of course the next four will be published in September, and the final four in December so there may still be the problem of a poor memory and not being able to keep up. It's a vicious circle!


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WK said...

hehe*think evil laugh here*. First I love, love, love Maureen Child's writing. So I tend to buy all her books without even reading the back. But I do find that other series are harder to keep up with. Maureen's latest release,HIGH-SOCIETY SECRET PREGNANCY is part of a multi-author series,Park Avenue Scandals, and was a good read, so now I've got to remember to get the other books.It also has a bit of a mystery that I'm hoping will be answered in future books. And Marta Perry has the first book in a multi-author series titled HOMECOMING HEROES. Marta's book is the first, MISSION:MOTHERHOOD and this series sounds great. I am trying to stay away from that series you mentioned. But there is a series about Weddings. I visited a blog where the authors of this series are discussing wedding and it makes me want to buy the books. Dang it.

Sooo many books Sooooooo little time!