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Saturday, March 22, 2014


A Girl Walks Into a Bar
Helena S. Paige
ISBN: 978-0-06-229197-4
William Morrow
March 2014
Chick Lit

Throughout this book YOU will be the main character, deciding what YOU will be doing for a whole night “out on the town”. The evening starts off with you getting ready for a night out with your best friend, Melissa. The big predicament and first decision to make is what underwear you will wear underneath your dress.  The options cover almost every type of underwear, from a purple lacy G-string (which I picked) to a control-top underwear. Once you have made your choice, you are directed to another page in the book to begin the journey from the bar since your best friend Melissa couldn’t make it to meet you (stupid work!).

Depending on your choices for your night out, there were different ones that could lead to staying at the bar talking to the cute bartender, going to an art gallery by invitation from the muse of the pictures, or heading back to your apartment watching movies and drinking wine. After each pick, there is a little twist to your choice, especially to your friend Melissa; depending if you choose the same choices I did! Even though it was a little fun to pick out how your story ended up; the choice options didn’t seem realistic for a twenty-something like me.  For example, (an invitation to be a part of a cover shoot) is far-fetched. If you want a quick read and aren’t too overwhelmed with the options, then this is the book for you.  

Reviewed by Chelsea McConnell

Rating: 4