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Thursday, March 29, 2012

A few more March Mysteries

Three more Berkley releases for March 2012 are:

ADRIFT ON ST. JOHN A Mystery in the Islands by Rebecca M. Hale. This one you will have to read carefully! With the plot of an ancient island lady with a huge curse she is frightening off the locals and making the newcomers ill at ease. But what is done to twist this old tale is even more amazing. If you skim pages, you will miss a lot of this story line. Expertly written with fun characters, in depth story line, and an ending that will keep you wondering how it happened.

ISBN: 978-0-425-24665-8 March 2012 Mystery Berkley
Reviewed By: Kathy Fisher
Rating: 4.0

AGONY OF THE LEAVES A Tea Shop Mystery by Laura Childs is a fitting addition to this series. Poor Tehodosia finds herself not at her tea shop, but once again trying to solve a mystery. But this time, the victim hit close to home, her ex boyfriend Parker. As the tale is weaved beautifully and keeps the reader entranced from beginning to end. Another bonus, Tea tips at the end on what foods go with what teas. Another interesting read to this series.

ISBN: 978-0-425-24553-8 March 2012 Mystery Berkley
Reviewed by: Kathy Fisher
Rating: 4.0

CAT'S CLAW A Pecan Springs Mystery by Susan Wittig Albert is an expansion of the people in Pecan Springs, Texas. This one features Sheila Dawson, the town's first female police chief. Full of intrigue, romance, and shocking details that come out about people's lives, CAT'S CLAW will keep the reader following several story lines until it all comes together. A nice read that will make you fear mountain lions and crossing to the wrong side of the law.

ISBN: 978-0-425-24527-9 March 2012 Mystery Berkley
Reviewed By: Kathy Fisher
Rating: 4.0

Saturday, March 24, 2012

March Mysteries Abound!

I have a few March books left to read but thought I should get the majority of them on here in case someone is looking for some nice March releases.

Published by Berkley are:

SKETCH A FALLING STAR A Portrait of Crime Mystery by Sharon Pape is a nice addition to the Rory McCain series. If you remember, Rory inherited a house from her deseased uncle and with it came, Zeke, a ghost. As Rory tries to uncover the details surrounding Zeke's untimely death, she is faced with solving a real time mystery that involves the Way Off Broadway Players, especially her Aunt Helene. When one of their own is killed in a freak accident, Rory is left wondering if it was truly an accident, or did someone have it out for the thepians. In a twisting tale that further endears Rory and Zeke to it's audience, SKETCH A FALLING STAR is a great addition to the series. Although the reader could pick up any book in this series and begin following the unlikely pair, each book gives the reader a little more of the background story that binds the two together.

ISBN:978-0-425-24669-6 March 2012 Mystery
Reviewed by: Kathy Fisher Rating: 4.0

DUE OR DIE is a Library Lover's Mystery by Jenn McKinlay. This one is sure to warm your heart even in the middle of a horrible nor'easter storm. When a friend of the library is found dead, Lindsey Norris, the library director finds herself in the middle of another mystery that must be solved before someone else dies under her watch. DUE OR DIE is a fun mystery that brings the love of books, crafts, and friendship into the light. With some great sluething along the way.

ISBN: 978-0-425-24668-9 March 2012 Mystery
Reviewed by: Kathy Fisher Rating: 3.0

THE PROBABILITY OF MURDER A Professor Sophie Knowles Mystery by Ada Madison is sure to interest any reader. From page one, this one will reach out and suck you in. Sophie Knowles finds herself in the front line of another mystery but this one hits close to home when the victim was a good friend of hers. Or was she? Or who was she? This book has more twists than a twisty tie and spins a tale that will keep you passing this book on to friends. A wonderful spring read!

ISBN: 978-0-425-24667-2 March 2012 Mystery
Reviewed by: Kathy Fisher Rating: 4.0

FIRE ENGINE DEAD A Museum Mystery by Sheila Connolly is a nice addition to the series. Although it lacks the gusto other books in this series have had, it is still a comfortable read full of wit and history. The story line is predictible and the one behind the action is figured out pretty quickly, the heroine, Nell, still finds herself in some sticky situations that are hairy which helps drama unfold.

ISBN: 978-0-425-24670-2 March 2012 Mystery
Reviewed by: Kathy Fisher Rating: 3.0

Obsidian releases are:

LITTLE SHOP OF HOMICIDE A Devereaux's Dime Store Mystery by Denise Swanson is the first in a new series and ranks right up there with Denise's other mystery series. It has a strong heroine who will be fun to learn more about as the series continues. It has the romantic tone which is fun to see in a mystery cozy, and it had an interesting plot that involved a dead villian, the scorned man, and a strong woman who pulls it all together. This will be a series to follow!

ISBN: 978-0-451-23618-0 March 2012 Mystery
Reviewed by: Kathy Fisher Rating: 4.0

FASHION FAUX PAW a Dog Walker Mystery by Judi McCoy is a fun release that involves Ellie Engleman and her trusty dog with whom she can communicate. As usual, they find themselves at the wrong place at the right time. With a fashion designer dead during a Fashion Week event, Ellis and Rudy need to meet with the suspects and their canine counterparts. As the tale weaves to an end, the reader is surprised to find out who actually was the mastermind behind the death. And it's always fun to see who will rescue Ellis and save the day.

ISBN: 978-0-451-23627-2 March 2012 Mystery
Reviewed by: Kathy Fisher Rating: 4.0

Saturday, March 03, 2012

DREAM SHADOWS by Ingrid Weaver

This book is the stuff of discussions and I would love to hear from any of you that have read this novel.

DREAM SHADOWS by Ingrid Weaver (2/12 from Berkley Sensation)

This is a very interesting romantic suspense. The main character, Elizabeth Graye, is in a coma, having been attacked by an unknown assailant. Elizabeth is the heiress of a large corporation. She has functioned as its leader since her father's death. Embroiled in a conflict with her stepmother, she is being kept at a private sanitarium with the goal that she will eventually wake up.

Rick Denning is a country singer who has had his share of tragedy and loss. He is trying to make it in music and when one of Elizabeth's caretakers brings in his CD and plays it, in some strange, paranormal way, he and Elizabeth begin playing out scenerios in their dreams. Different times, places, and situations but all involve a threat to Elizabeth. They "know" each other even though they have never met. Interesting...

I found I could not put this book down even though the plot is a little far-fetched. All in all it is a well written book with some very clever plot twists. Will likely appeal to readers who fancy time travel since some it involves this. Reviewed by: Jeri Neal, rating: 4