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Saturday, March 03, 2012

DREAM SHADOWS by Ingrid Weaver

This book is the stuff of discussions and I would love to hear from any of you that have read this novel.

DREAM SHADOWS by Ingrid Weaver (2/12 from Berkley Sensation)

This is a very interesting romantic suspense. The main character, Elizabeth Graye, is in a coma, having been attacked by an unknown assailant. Elizabeth is the heiress of a large corporation. She has functioned as its leader since her father's death. Embroiled in a conflict with her stepmother, she is being kept at a private sanitarium with the goal that she will eventually wake up.

Rick Denning is a country singer who has had his share of tragedy and loss. He is trying to make it in music and when one of Elizabeth's caretakers brings in his CD and plays it, in some strange, paranormal way, he and Elizabeth begin playing out scenerios in their dreams. Different times, places, and situations but all involve a threat to Elizabeth. They "know" each other even though they have never met. Interesting...

I found I could not put this book down even though the plot is a little far-fetched. All in all it is a well written book with some very clever plot twists. Will likely appeal to readers who fancy time travel since some it involves this. Reviewed by: Jeri Neal, rating: 4

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