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Friday, September 30, 2011

New book by Megan Hart

September brings us a new title by Megan Hart. Part of the Order of Solace series, VIRTUE AND VICE gives us the story of Notsah, a kitchen worker, who ends up in the quarters of Prince Jarron Bydelay. The tortured prince, scarred by an inherited skin disease, is kind to Notsah and they have an intimate encounter. She never forgets this and years later, when she returns to the palace as Sister Redemption, Handmaiden to Jarron, the new king, he does not remember her. As their relationship deepens, political intrigue and an enemy from her past, threatens them. An intriguing erotic novel, this one is fascinating both for the time and characters. Its only flaw is a little too much attention to the politics of the court. I would have liked more about the characters. If you are a fan of this series, you will resonate to this book.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Upcoming ebook release: Tallent & Lowery 13 - The Ultimate Adventure Begins!

Click the title to watch the trailer of Amy Lignor's upcoming release.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

New September Reads

September has started off with a good list of books. First was Dee Davis' DEEP DISCLOSURE. Alexis Markham has led a life deep in the shadows after her family's death in a tragic fire when she was just a teenager. Now, years later, she must face her demons, because their death's were not an accident, but part of a deadly scheme that will bring her face to face with her long lost past. Tucker is assigned to protect Alexis, but their attraction to one another may just be the very thing that leads them straight into danger. A very good, suspenseful and simmering read, I had a hard time stepping away from this intriguing romantic suspense!

Next was Cathy Maxwell's THE SEDUCTION OF SCANDAL, a historical romance that is along the lines of a Robin Hood romance. Lady Corinne Rosemont is being forced to wed Lord Bossley's son, Freddie Sherwin. She doesn't want to, especially after witnessing him in a most indelicate position with her maid. So she runs away, and straight into the path of the notorious Thorn, a hooded highwayman who robs in order to give to the poor. When she steps in front of a bullet meant for the Thorn, she is taken to a secret place where he helps her recover. The only problem is that she knows who he is now and she doesn't want to leave. Being blackmailed, he tries to ignore the fact that she is the very girl he wanted years ago, as he deals with his own haunted past. Something sinister is lurking behind the scenes, and his very life is at risk with all he is doing and who he really is. This book was very entertaining, somewhat a light read, but plenty of sparks between Corrine and the Thorn.

Katharine Ashe's IN THE ARMS OF A MARQUESS is different in tone than most historical romances. Set in both India and England, Lady Octavia Pierce never forgot the man who saved her life and broke her heart in India, Benjirou Doree. After seven years, she is finally able to see him again in England, where he is now the Marquess of Doree. What really happened between them in India years ago keeps them apart from each other emotionally, but they cannot stay away from each other physically. Even though she is nearly engaged to another, Octavia finds herself in a dangerous mystery that will keep Ben Doree close enough to discover their true feelings. Ben secretly yearns for her as well, so there is plenty of heartfelt desires, anguish and pining beneath the surface of their passion. Another storyline of the secret dealings of her almost fiance that Ben is trying to uncover that will lend an air of mystery about them. A good romance that is different than the usual, as well as all that yearning and heartbreak that makes for a very staisfying read!

Coming up, I will have Tessa Dare's A NIGHT TO SURRENDER as well as an August release of Tracy Anne Warren's THE BED AND THE BACHELOR.