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Saturday, May 14, 2016

LINGER By P.J. O'Dwyer

P.J O’Dwyer
Satin and Steel Series, Book 1
Black Siren Books
ISBN: 978-0-9848997-9-1
May 2016
Romantic Suspense
She is in for the fight of her life.  He simply wants revenge. 

LINGER, the latest release from P.J. O’Dwyer, is a roller-coaster ride filled with twists and turns that will keep readers on edge.

With the possibility of being charged with first-degree murder, Brit Gentry needs a break and somewhere other than home to regroup with hopes that this nightmare will go away.  Unfortunately, her nightmares will multiply and being kidnapped is just the beginning.

Colt Rivers has spent the past several years behind bars, wrongfully accused of stealing millions of dollars in artifacts from Afghanistan.  Deciding that spending more time behind bars was not ideal he escaped with one thing on his mind.

Brit and Colt’s worlds are on a collision course with fate and the pair must learn to trust each other if they are to survive.

Author, P.J. O’Dwyer writes stories with strong heroines to match the equally alpha heroes. In LINGER we get not just a strong woman in Brit Gentry, we get a female counter-sniper which pairs perfectly with the former Army Ranger, Colt.  LINGER touches on PTSD and some of its lasting effects.  A fantastic story with well-written characters and definitely a must read if you are a fan of military-themed titles.  I cannot wait for book two in the Satin and Steel series, DEADRISE.

Rating 4½
Reviewed by Monica Solomon 

Author Bio
P. J. O’Dwyer is an award-winning author and an active member of Romance Writers of America. When asked where she gets her story ideas, she laughs ruefully and says, “It helps being married to a cop.” She lives in Maryland with her family.

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Monday, May 09, 2016

Because of Miss Bridgerton by Quinn begins a new series

Julia Quinn
ISBN# 978-0-06-238814-8
April 2016
Historical Romance

Even though this book has a "Bridgerton" name in it, it really begins the romances of the Rokesby brothers. Sybilla "Billie" Bridgerton is quite the tomboy. She's forever wearing pants, getting herself into predicaments not fit for a lady, and the latest has her stranded on top of a roof while trying to rescue a reluctant cat. She's known the Rokesby brothers all her life because they are neighbors. In fact, it's been an unspoken assumption she would marry either Edward or Andrew. Yet it's the oldest, George, that she's always been at odds with and in fact, she's quite sure he can't stand her. So imagine her horror when he is the one that happens upon her while she is stuck on the roof.

George knows that he and Billie are an unlikely pair, either as friends or at the very least if he has to marry her because they might be stuck on the roof all night alone together. And yet, even after they are rescued by his brother Andrew, he should be relieved to be out of her presence. However, he finds himself asking about her health, finding himself in her company more times than naught, and to his utter shock, finds that he actually admires her. Even worse, his admiration turns into attraction.

Billie has thought she would marry one of the brothers, but more and more her thoughts are turning towards George. His arrogant and aloof nature has blinded her to the real George. The one that has her pulses skittering and her ever increasing desire to see him. When she finally realizes that she not only admires him, but has fallen in love with him, has her attitude caused him to give up on her forever?

The usual Julia Quinn Bridgerton novel attitude is there, complete with a feisty heroine who doesn't fit into the "norm" of her time. The hero is a staid, solid, somewhat dull person, or so it seems to Billie. Because he is heir, he has certain rules and obligations that his younger brothers do no have to adhere to. With Billie and George, it's almost like oil and water, but yet there is some magic that happens when these two are forced to see each other through new eyes. With sexual tension slow creeping along until a very heated scene, it builds up the romance nicely. The next few books should prove even more worthy of a read.

Reviewed by: Jennifer Jones
Rating: 4

Under the Desert Sky by Sara Luck is a unique romance worth the read!

Sara Luck
Pocket Books
ISBN# 978-1-5011-3055-1
April 2016
Historical Romance

In the Arizona Territory, Phoebe Sloan is trying hard to make ends meet after her husband dies, leaving her behind with a young son. She makes a last ditch venture with ostriches, selling the prized feathers that are in high demand for big city women in order to keep her son's heritage. However, someone is bent on having her fail and isn't pulling any punches.

Christian De Wet is bringing two quality ostriches to the U.S. from his homeland of South Africa. When he arrives in Arizona and meets with his buyer, he also meets the beautiful widow who is having a run of bad luck. When her nearly ready batch of new eggs are destroyed, he knows it's more than bad luck, so he decides he will help her get on her feet as well as offer some protection. With the attraction nearly instant, Christian and Phoebe draw upon each other for support and eventually love. When the danger escalates, it involves more than the birds, and it may cost Phoebe dearly.

The originality of this book, with the setting and the heroine dealing with ostriches, make this a fascinating read. I enjoyed the details that Ms. Luck puts into this story and the reader can see the historical research that was involved. Christian and Phoebe are both independent and strong, yet there is a vulnerability about them both that draws them to each other. This reads more than your typical romance novel and that is a bonus. Filled with engaging and unique characters, setting and plot, this book feels more like you have traveled back in time and are actually there. A very well constructed story and worth the read.

Reviewed by Jennifer Jones
Rating: 4 1/2

The Study of Seduction by Jeffries is a solid winner!

The Sinful Suitors Series
Sabrina Jeffries
Pocket Books
ISBN# 978-1-4767-8607-0
April 2016
Historical Romance

Lady Clarissa Lindsey is a beautiful sparkling diamond with a fair amount of willfulness in never wanting to marry. After fending off many suitors, she has been targeted by a determined French Count who seems not to take no for an answer. When her cousin Warren, who has been her protector, must leave in order to find and help her brother in another country, he asks his close friend Edwin, the Earl of Blakeborough, to step in for him. At first, it seems unlikely that these two will agree but it soon becomes dangerously clear that Clarissa needs the protection.

The Count is bent on stalking Clarissa, even to the point of threatening her. Edwin and Clarissa hastily say that they are engaged to be married, hoping that this will put the man off. Yet, it makes matters worse. Finally, seeing no alternative, they wed in haste in order for Edwin to protect Clarissa. With that comes the other realities of marriage and a dark secret is exposed, a secret that has Edwin wanting to protect Clarissa even more. The dangerous Count is still lurking and unwilling to step aside and everything they have could be destroyed if the Count gets his way.

This romance begins slowly enough that the reader is engaged in the characters and their dilemmas. By the time that they agree to marriage, the plot devices are solidly in place to speed this story along. The unknown danger creates a sense of underlying tension without being overly written, making this a very enjoyable read. Edwin and Clarissa may have started off as just friends, but the attraction was there from the beginning and is nicely built upon making this a very believable character driven love story. The Count is a dastardly fellow and a villain worthy of the climactic ending. A wonderful mix of intrigue, passion and love, it's a solid winner.

Reviewed by Jennifer Jones
Rating: 4 1/2