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Monday, May 09, 2016

Under the Desert Sky by Sara Luck is a unique romance worth the read!

Sara Luck
Pocket Books
ISBN# 978-1-5011-3055-1
April 2016
Historical Romance

In the Arizona Territory, Phoebe Sloan is trying hard to make ends meet after her husband dies, leaving her behind with a young son. She makes a last ditch venture with ostriches, selling the prized feathers that are in high demand for big city women in order to keep her son's heritage. However, someone is bent on having her fail and isn't pulling any punches.

Christian De Wet is bringing two quality ostriches to the U.S. from his homeland of South Africa. When he arrives in Arizona and meets with his buyer, he also meets the beautiful widow who is having a run of bad luck. When her nearly ready batch of new eggs are destroyed, he knows it's more than bad luck, so he decides he will help her get on her feet as well as offer some protection. With the attraction nearly instant, Christian and Phoebe draw upon each other for support and eventually love. When the danger escalates, it involves more than the birds, and it may cost Phoebe dearly.

The originality of this book, with the setting and the heroine dealing with ostriches, make this a fascinating read. I enjoyed the details that Ms. Luck puts into this story and the reader can see the historical research that was involved. Christian and Phoebe are both independent and strong, yet there is a vulnerability about them both that draws them to each other. This reads more than your typical romance novel and that is a bonus. Filled with engaging and unique characters, setting and plot, this book feels more like you have traveled back in time and are actually there. A very well constructed story and worth the read.

Reviewed by Jennifer Jones
Rating: 4 1/2

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