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Monday, May 09, 2016

Because of Miss Bridgerton by Quinn begins a new series

Julia Quinn
ISBN# 978-0-06-238814-8
April 2016
Historical Romance

Even though this book has a "Bridgerton" name in it, it really begins the romances of the Rokesby brothers. Sybilla "Billie" Bridgerton is quite the tomboy. She's forever wearing pants, getting herself into predicaments not fit for a lady, and the latest has her stranded on top of a roof while trying to rescue a reluctant cat. She's known the Rokesby brothers all her life because they are neighbors. In fact, it's been an unspoken assumption she would marry either Edward or Andrew. Yet it's the oldest, George, that she's always been at odds with and in fact, she's quite sure he can't stand her. So imagine her horror when he is the one that happens upon her while she is stuck on the roof.

George knows that he and Billie are an unlikely pair, either as friends or at the very least if he has to marry her because they might be stuck on the roof all night alone together. And yet, even after they are rescued by his brother Andrew, he should be relieved to be out of her presence. However, he finds himself asking about her health, finding himself in her company more times than naught, and to his utter shock, finds that he actually admires her. Even worse, his admiration turns into attraction.

Billie has thought she would marry one of the brothers, but more and more her thoughts are turning towards George. His arrogant and aloof nature has blinded her to the real George. The one that has her pulses skittering and her ever increasing desire to see him. When she finally realizes that she not only admires him, but has fallen in love with him, has her attitude caused him to give up on her forever?

The usual Julia Quinn Bridgerton novel attitude is there, complete with a feisty heroine who doesn't fit into the "norm" of her time. The hero is a staid, solid, somewhat dull person, or so it seems to Billie. Because he is heir, he has certain rules and obligations that his younger brothers do no have to adhere to. With Billie and George, it's almost like oil and water, but yet there is some magic that happens when these two are forced to see each other through new eyes. With sexual tension slow creeping along until a very heated scene, it builds up the romance nicely. The next few books should prove even more worthy of a read.

Reviewed by: Jennifer Jones
Rating: 4

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