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Monday, May 21, 2007

Category Romances

There is a place for every genre, every storyline, and every reader in romance. I tend to enjoy contemps and paranormals, myself. Throw some down and dirty sex in there and I am in LOVE! Lately, however, I have rediscovered my roots. I was born into the world of romance from the pages of 1980s Harlequins. I loved the smell of them (they remind me of my Granny I pilfered them from) and I love the instant gratification I get when I escape into one. There is nothing better than a hero and heroine that defy all the odds and live happily ever after, especially if I can read it all in one sitting. Quickies can be soooo satisfying. I even have a preferred plot. I like when there is a demandingboss and a shy/misunderstood employee. Oooh, make him Greek, Arabic, or Australian and I am not coming up for air!

Do you have a favorite plotline for a quick read? What is your take on category romances?? Share!


Monday, May 07, 2007


I recently passed the catagory romance rack in one of the discount stores and was drawn by the bookcover for MATRIMONY WITH HIS MAJESTY, a Harlequin Romance #3944 by Rebecca Winters. It's a really cute cover that depicts an atrractive couple and a really sweet romance. I bought it! I read it! I loved it! It was the first Harlequin Rom I've read since the passing of Betty Neels. These books tend to be no longer in my league but I'm really glad I got my hands on this one.

Turns out it was the second book in the "Royal By Appointment" series and I decided if I loved this one I'd probably like the previous book as well. Thanks to Paperbackswap, I quickly found a copy of THE PRINCE AND THE NANNY by Cara Colter and guess what? I loved it too! Both books are very well written and the storylines are very entertaining. What is also nice is that the books are individual stories with principalities that are not connected.

While investigating these two, I also found that Silhouette Desire and Harlequin Presents are also running mini-series on Royalty. Silhouette Desire's series is called The Royals and Harlequin Presents, By Royal Command. I think I'll have to do a quick search and find copies of the books I've missed in this series. Hopefully they will be as much fun to read as the other two.


Thursday, May 03, 2007

Brenda Novak's diabetes auction

If our readers want a treat they need to visit author Brenda Novak's website and join her auction. She does an auction every year for diabetes and offers some great items. I've been having a ball bidding myself so be sure and stop by.


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