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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Trials And Laments Of A Romance Reader

With a firm conviction two days ago I started to read a book from a genre that is not part of my regular reading habits. I was reading Jo Beverly's MY LADY NOTORIOUS as the discussion book for the Grab A Book List. The book is very highly recommended and to to be truthful I was really enjoying it until I checked the calendar and discovered the new Silhouette Desires and the Silhouette Special Edition Thoroughbred Legacy series was on store shelves. What I'm about to write next is embarrassing and shameful!

At lunchtime I trucked to two Borders to get these gems! I arrived home with my horde and honestly I was sorting them to place on the bookshelf, when the first book in the Legacy series caught my eye. I skimmed and the next thing I knew I was five chapters into the story and already anxious to read the next book. The poor Jo Beverly book is face down in another chair and I honestly don't know if I'll finished it in time for the discussion. How on earth does this happen? There's just too many good books out there and not nearly enough time in the day to read them all. What is a avid reader to do?


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WK said...

LOL Poor Livia. I've never put aside a book I was enjoying to start a new one. But I have put aside a book I was barely into, or dragging along with to read a new one. I agree, way toooo many books and not nearly enough time. But at least I know when I'm old I'll have tons of books to keep me company.......

Wendy*who's reading less to spend more time with family*