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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Author Signings

I went to an Author signing on July 12, this past Sat. I had a lot of fun, talked with some great people. And bought some great books. I will post pictures later on today.

Do you prefer to "know" or met the authors you love or do you think it's better to not know them personally? Do you like big author signings with 100s of authors like RWAs or do you prefer the more intimate signings with at most 3/4 authors or even the single author signings? Do you take your own books to be signed or only buy books that are available there? Do you take other things to be signed, ie totes, bookmarks, coverflats.......? What was the best author signing you've been to and what made it so great?


1 comment:

Sandi said...

It depends on who is signing. If I"m comfortable and have a copy of the book I"ll take my own. If not I'll buy one at the store.

I have learned that I can go with my group of friends and not feel guilty if I don't walk away with the signed book!