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Sunday, July 24, 2011

July Picks

July is fast coming to a close, with one week left; I thought I’d share with you my July reads. My selections are definitely a mix of genres, a potpourri of sorts, and each title offers readers a great story. So, if you are a romantic suspense, paranormal or contemporary romance fan, I am confident that one of these titles will pique your interest.

First up, Nancy Bush’s, HUSH. She has moved to the top of my list of authors that writes an exceptional story that causes the reader to really stop, re-group and really take in all the small details of the characters and storyline. HUSH, starts off with a griping murder that appears to be a horrific accident while families and friends are on the beach. Twelve years later, the same group of folks (with a few exceptions) are gathered again, in the same area, for another celebration; a celebration that would take a tragic turn, leaving the same unanswered questions and even stronger accusations. Reunions are always interesting, however, it’s the revelations [secrets] from past and current dalliances that shocking, to say the least. A totally engrossing story and a plot that will twist and turn leaving the reader gasping and trying to figure out who the killer is!

TRRC rating of 4 ½

Next, Cynthia Eden’s, NEVER CRY WOLF. What’s an alpha wolf to do when he is arrested for a murder he did not commit, this time? Accept the assistance of a beautiful stranger and provide her with protection in exchange for an alibi, is all Lucas Simone has to do, to become free again. Sensing that there is more to Sarah King, Lucas reluctantly accepts her conditions and in the process finds out that he is the target of another pack’s leader revenge. With a coyotes and a former lover on Sarah’s trail, a traitor in his pack, and not to mention, his own increasing attraction to Sarah, Lucas may have bitten of more than he can handle. NEVER CRY WOLF is an engaging read worth adding to your summer reading list.

TRRC rating of 4

Finally, the conclusion to Christie Ridgway’s, Three Kisses series, CAN’T HURRY LOVE. If you are familiar with the series, you know that the stories take place on a vineyard in Napa and the sisters are desperately trying to save the family business. In the previous books sisters, Allie and Stevie, found love and married. Now, it’s time for Giuliana to make peace with Liam Bennett. Jules and Liam were Edenville’s “it” couple as teenagers, but young love is not strong enough to sustain them in their adult lives, or is it? With the future of Tanti Baci hanging on the success of their wedding business, Jules make plans that could potentially create a rift in the relationship with Allie and Stevie. With a vested interest in ensuring that Tanti Baci survives, Liam, decides enough is enough and sets out to reconcile with Jules. No one is aware of what happened between the two so many years ago and only through a series of misfortunes will they be able to heal and forgive. The best of the series, YOU CAN’T HURRY LOVE, will pull you in as the emotional connection between Jules and Liam becomes stronger once they confront the hurt and begin to trust again.

TRRC rating 4 ½

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