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Monday, July 25, 2011

More July Paranormal Picks

As July winds down to a close, I wanted to update all my paranormal followers about some more great reads. First, as I mentioned in my last post, I have read the first two books in a new series by Karina Cooper. Let me just mention the first in the series called BLOOD OF THE WICKED. It is a June release and sets up the series with a lot of action and steamy romance. The July release is LURE OF THE WICKED and I enjoyed it very much. The Dark Mission series is set in a new world where witches are considered the enemy and the Holy Order is a church based order bent on destroying all witches-evil or not. As there are a lot of evil witches involved, the Order does have some merit, but with them destroying all witches indiscriminately, innocent ones are suffering along with the guilty. In both novels, the main characters are soldiers of the Holy Order and their lives are changed when the start to realize everything is not so black and white as the church would have them believe. I am not usually a big fan of futuristic style novels, but I must say Cooper's take had me interested from page one.

Next on the list is Shiloh Walker's HUNTER'S FALL. As a big fan of Walker's, I always look forward to her next Hunter book and this one was awesome. This is Nessa's story and she really needed her own happy ending. Nessa was an ancient witch who lost her mate at an early age. He promised to return to her and after 500 years she finally gave up. Prior to giving up, during a fight with an evil witch, her body was destroyed and she ended up in a new body. The only downside was that part of the other witch was still with her and constantly giving her grief. Meanwhile, Dominic, another hunter starts having hallucinations and frankly thinks he is losing his mind. When he seeks out help, he starts to remember more about his previous life and his promise to return. But before he can find Nessa, she disappears and he will have to find her come hell or high water.

Last in my July selections is FEAST: HARVEST OF DREAMS written by Merrie Destefano, a new author to me. The book stars an author who takes a vacation to a childhood resort in order to overcome her writer's block. Once there she starts experiencing some paranormal events that frighten her as much as they exite. She also starts to remember some experiences she lived through as a child. When she meets Ash, he feels vaguely familiar as well he should since he saved her life as a child. Ash is a Darkling and the protector of the people of Ticonderoga Falls. He has suffered for a long time since the death of his mate, but Maddie may just be the cure. I really enjoyed FEAST, but I do have to warn readers that the book has many short chapters told in each characters voice and made the story feel choppy, otherwise it is quite an enjoyeable read. Happy reading all!

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