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Saturday, July 16, 2011

A delightful Regency charmer - A Matter Of Scandal

Just barely back from my week long escapade to the Caribbean, I was able to finally get back to reading - the first on my list was A MATTER OF SCANDAL. The Duke of Wycliffe, trying to get out of the sights of matchmaking mammas, heads to his uncle's estate where he is asked to help the estate get out of a dangerous debt. Wycliffe decides to raise the rents on the estate's properties, one of which is the girl's Academy where young girls are taught how to become ladies and gain a respectable marriage. Wycliffe despises the notion of ladies learning how to trap men into marriage, so he has no qualms with raising their rent. When Miss Emma Grenville stands up to the Duke, they end up betting on a wager. What ensues is charming, funny and witty, with Wycliffe becoming more enthralled with Emma, since she seems to be the only female on earth that isn't falling for his legendary charms. A host of secondary characters bring some added spice to this romance, and I hope for Tristan's story next! Very entertaining and sexy romance to add to your summer reading pile.

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