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Monday, October 31, 2011

MUCH ADO ABOUT VAMPIRES MacAlister (Oct 11) Paranormal

Dark Ones, Book 9
Katie MacAlister
ISBN-13: 9780451234926
MacAlister returns with her latest Dark Ones novel and it features Alec Darwin. Alec lost his Beloved in a tragic accident and is pretty much ready to end it all. When he is saved by Cora Ferreira, he ends up in one big mess after another. He has been banished to the Akasha by the Moravian Council, but with Cora's help he ends up traveling around the world fighting against those who are trying to destroy her. When Alec learns that Cora is his reincarnated Beloved he is confused and hopes that she will complete the steps needed to fully join with him. But Cora isn't real keen on becoming the mate of a vampire. She doesn't know if she can overcome her past relationships and settle down with someone of the paranormal nature. As danger stalks them, Cora finds herself in a do or die situation. If she doesn't chose Alec, she will not survive. MUCH ADO ABOUT VAMPIRES is another great release filled with humor and sensuality and another reason to love Katie MacAlister.
Reviewed by Lori Sears
Rating: 4

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