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Thursday, August 04, 2011

The Bride Wore Scarlet

Well, to be quite honest, I had a very hard time reading this book. I usually like Liz Carlyle, but this one was so detailed, tedious and tightly written, I had a hard time concentrating on who was who, and who was doing what. This is the second book in her St. James Club series, and has a bit of the paranormal elements to it. I perservered and did finally finish it.
Anais de Rohan has a special gift of seeing into the future. As a child, she is sent to live with her guardian for protection. Years later, she is a smart, tough woman capable of fending for herself and wants to be a part of the all-male club, the Fraternitas Aureae Crucis. Lord Geoffrey Bessett is one of the men of the club, and although they don't want to let her in the group, she is given the opportunity to prove herself by going along with Geoff on a secret mission to rescue a girl.
Needless to say, as they are posing as husband and wife, there is deep attraction between the two that is restrained up to a point. Once this part of the story gets underway, it was easier reading. It's just the beginning has so many names, titles, background information, unless you read the previous book and can keep it all straight in your head, I found it to be confusing at times.
That being said, if you are a lover of Liz Carlyle and have read and remember the previous book, you could read this one and may be able to sort through it all.

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