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Saturday, August 20, 2011

More August Reads

My August reading consisted of three great stories of love, trust, and a dose of suspense. Each of these titles, in my opinion, are well-written with storylines that captures and holds your interest from beginning to end. Each of these wonderfully crafted stories receive a TRRC rating of 4 1/2.

Christina Dodd's, SECRETS OF BELLA TERRA, is the first book in her new Scarlet Deception series which takes place in Bella Valley, California. Several things are triggered after Sarah Di Luca is attacked. One, an old family feud resurfaces, two, Rafe Di Luca is back in town thereby reuniting all three Di Luca brothers, three, Brooke Petersson's heart will never be the same, and four, more secrets lie between the walls of Bella Terra. Readers will enjoy reading this title, as Christina Dodd takes us on an unforgettable journey through betrayal, lies, and love. You will be perched on the edge of your seat as this story unfolds and just as some things become clear, a new twist is added. Book two, REVENGE AT BELLA TERRA, is due out in September.

In Julie Garwood's, IDEAL MAN, Dr. Ellie Sullivan's professional success came with a huge price tag. For years, Ellie has lived away from her family and with her sister's upcoming wedding festivities, she has a big decision ahead of her. After a grueling shift Ellie decides to take a run to unwind, shots are fired and she is caught in the midst of a huge FBI operation. Against her better judgment, she heads home knowing full well that the unknown whereabouts of Evan Patterson could potentially lead to disaster. When word reaches Agent Max Daniels that Ellie's life is in danger, he heads to her hometown. In doing so, he becomes much more than Ellie's protector. Through a well developed plot and character development, Julie Garwood delivers a fantastic read sure to keep readers engaged from page one. As you read more of Ellie's past and what she has endured and the compassion and bravery she displays you will, as I did, love this story.

Lastly, LIE FOR ME by Karen Young is outstanding. This story packs a level of emotion that I had not experienced before in a suspense. Beneath the lies and deceit, there is a strong foundation of faith and morality, that just struck several chords and left me wanting to read more stories like this. After Tucker Kane discovers the body of his ex-wife, he is immediately moved to the top of the suspect list. Proclaiming his innocence, Tucker's fiancee, Lauren Holloway, does everything to prove to him and their town, that she is believes in his innocence. That is until he asks her to do something that goes against her beliefs, lie to the police and provide him with an alibi. Somewhat disappointed that Lauren would not do this for him, Tucker leaves. Leaves behind his daughter, Lauren, and even more questions casting doubt on his proclaimed innocence. LIE FOR ME is not to be missed especially when the pieces of this complicated puzzle comes together.

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