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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August Historical Pick: Sue-Ellen Welfonder's TEMPTATION OF A HIGHLAND SCOUNDREL (Book II, Highland Warriors Trilogy)

This author, who is ‘beyond’ a dedicated medievalist of Scottish descent, offers this next intriguing - highly romantic - story of the Highland Warriors.

In this continuation, readers are still enveloped in the feud going on between three Highland warriors, and the fantastic vow that three women made to marry these heroic and stubborn men in order to bring about absolute peace to the “Glen of Many Legends.” In Sins of a Highland Devil, Book I, James Cameron was highlighted and his attempt to make a pact with the heads of other clans in order to fight a ‘King’s decree.’ He ended up falling fiercely in love with Lady Catriona of the opposing MacDonald clan, and romance blossomed. With this new story, readers move on from the clan of Macdonald to the clan of Mackintosh.

Lady Isobel chooses Kendrew Macintosh because she has had a fascination for the amazing Laird since time began. This gentle woman already loves him, and is hoping that he will ultimately feel the same way about her. Unfortunately, Kendrew shows no desire to marry Isobel; he and his clan would much rather fight. But the Mackintosh ‘world’ is completely unprepared for the quiet Lady Isobel, who has the innate power and strong resolve to seduce Kendrew. Soon Kendrew begins to fall for her, not knowing that she is the sister of Laird James Cameron…who he despises.

The story line consists, for this installment, of the same stunningly ferocious warriors that all women dream of meeting on their trip across the Scottish moors. As these star-crossed lovers bring together yet another clan with their intriguing romance, while still trying to keep their own families happy with their decisions, the Lady and Laird begin to see that love and passion far outweighs the anger they have for their “neighbors.”

As always, this wonderfully talented romance author provides a twist from the first book by allowing Isobel and Kendrew’s story to take a different road than that of the previous couple. This book has everything that a true Historical Romance reader, and Scottish ’lover,’ will enjoy.

Reviewed by Amy Lignor

Rating: 4

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