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Saturday, August 20, 2011

WOLF TALES 12 - Kate Douglas, the last book in a series comes to an end.

Here we are in August, the weather is hot, and Kate Douglas's WOLF TALES 12, is even hotter! Ms. Douglas has taken us on an amazing journey into the shapeshifting Chanku wolves. From the very first book, our attention was captured. The Chanku are complex, pack oriented, and everything good or bad revolved in and around the pack. With each book written, we were introduced to one more member of the pack, and the sexual tension rises. The WOLF TALES series is not for the faint of heart. There are very explict sex scenes with M/F, M/M, F/F, and group sex. This is the ultimate in erotic romance.

Over the years, the Chanku have learned to survive. They have hidden who they are, as best they can, especially their unique and special abilities. The pack is thriving, they are planning to come together for the birth of Adam and Liana's child. There is an assasination attempt, and the pack is thrown into the lime light. Decisions have to be made, how much should they tell the world? Also, Lily has disappeared, on a quest to help her father. With everything happening at once, the pack must once again band together.

It's a little sad, knowing this will be the last book, in a truly great series. Although some questions were answered, I felt some had been left out. Who is Lily's mate? What happens to Ig and Star? And where does Sunny fit into all this? Over all, WOLF TALES 12 is an Outstanding book, and an excellent ending, to a great series.

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Kate Douglas said...

Gloria, I promise you that all your questions will be answered in a series I'm currently discussing called Spirit Wild. This will be the next generation of Chanku, in a world where everyone knows all about them--or almost all. I'll announce more details when I know them.