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Monday, June 02, 2008

Ebooks vs print books

I recently read an ebook, a Christian romance and loved it. However I still find that reading ebooks is a hassle for me. I don't have an ebook reader, I only have my laptop. While it's better than the desktop for mobility it still limits me and is heavy and gets hot after a while.LOL So I still find that I prefer print versions. Something about holding a book, the weight, the smell, the feel of it in my hands. And the convenience. If I have to stop or leave the house or whatever I can put a bookmarker in my place and easily find it again. With ebooks I feel I have to read them all at once. I find it's harder to find my place when I stop and I find I don't like having to reread pages before I find where I was.

Do you like ebooks or print? why?



Debora said...

Nothing beats the look and feel of a real book...I love them. But, as an avid reader I'd get a Kindle in a heartbeat if I had the extra $$$. The thought of how many electronic books the Kindle holds and I could tote anywhere, makes me dizzy!


WK said...

Now if I had an ebook reader, kindle or something that might make a difference. But for now.....LOL I'm like you, just don't have the extra to pay for one.

And still I think I'll always prefer a bound book, you just can't beat that feel, look, and smell of a book. I have some old ones from the early 1900s and I love the look and feel of them. I love just holding them and gently turning pages and looking at the different ways books have been bound and the different papers used.....ohh I love that. Maybe why hubby hates to visit a library with me. Him and mom say I could stay all day, just standing there smelling and smiling and have this look of complete joy......


Debora said...

I'm with you on old books! My cousin sent me an old little volume of Shakespeare's Sonnets for my birthday and it's lovely. I love holding it and picking a sonnet at random to read.

Libraries are high on my list of my favorite places. I always check the shelves of 'For Sale' books when I visit my local library and I come home with both bought and borrowed books! :)

WK said...

OHH me to Deb. I'll come home with older books they are getting rid of or research books they have too many copies of or romance books that are worn. My mom laughs at me cause they bought a beach house and I know where the library is after the first day.LOL I knew where her library was when stepdad and her didn't and he'd lived in the town all his life.LOL I love their library because they have a "sale room" yes it's a ROOM full of books for .35cents. Heaven.LOL

But I like to know where the PO and librarys are first thing when I visit a place. We went to Tenn and I found the library on the map, we went to Fla and I found the library was still where it used to be, we went to Williamsburg and hubby helped me find the library. Not that I went in, I just needed to know they had one.LOL

I'm pitiful aren't I?