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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Series Agitation

Most of my reader friends know that I won't touch the blog unless I have something to say. For sometime I have been greatly annoyed at the romance series situation. I'm not a paranormal reader and right now most writers seem to be involved in that genre and series started under other genres are not being addressed and yes I definitely have one series in mind.

I am a big fan of Brenda Joyce's Deadly Series and for those of you that don't remember the books, the heroine is Francesca Cahill a wonderful character that has an up and down relationship with wealthy, sexy bordering on decadent Calder Hart. Ms Cahill, when last we read her story, was engaged to Calder and still sharpening her sleuthing skills in the early 1900s. I awaited each year a release from this series. It is a series that ends in such a way the next installment is always crucial to the readers well-being. Well, if you follow this series after book seven, we didn't get a next installment and those of us that read the Deadly books religiously have been left hanging!

To be fair the author Brenda Joyce has addressed our concerns. She is very willing to provide more to this series or at least wrap it up but her publishers have no interest in doing this, why, because paranormals are the sellers these days and those of us that like historical romance fiction and in particular the Cahill series appear to be unimportant. They want her to continue her paranormals and forget about the Deadly series. So where does that leave us that are fans of this series, without a ending to a very wonderful story! The Deadly series is unique and is written with great insight into the circumstances of women in the early 20th century. I want to read more and I want to know what my two favorite characters are up to! If nothing else I want a darn ending to the series! Normally I never write publishers about books, but I think pressure needs to be put on Ms Joyce's publisher to either continue or at least be allowed to present an end this series! After reading a letter in one of the genre's monthly publications regarding this issue, I applauded what the letter writer had to say and felt it was time I stood up as well. So today I sent a letter to Ms Joyce's publisher and like the letter writer I urge others that are followers of this series to do the same! I'm sure this is not the only series that is being treated this way. If you know of others please comment and let us readers know what they are.



Livia said...
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WK said...

I have never read this series. But I find that she is not being allowed to cont. or at least end this series distressful. I can not at this time think of a series that I've loved that isn't being cont. or released but there maybe one. I hope the publishers will read this and hear the readers crys.

Livia said...

It's very distressing! The favorite characters were on the brink of a wedding! There are secondary characters and subsequent characters that have excellent stories as well and it is all left hanging in the balance.


WK said...

Did you send your letter to the publishers?

What does Joyce say about this?

Is there a reason being given?