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Monday, May 19, 2008

Memorial Day

With Memorial Day coming up I'm wondering if anyone will be reading more military fiction? I find I enjoy reading a good military romance around this time of year. Not sure if it's the summer and heading to the beach, and going past military bases or if it's just this holiday brings me closer to my appreciation for the military or what. So do you plan to read something with a military hero this month? If so what book?



Debora said...

No, I won't be reading a military romance...though I do enjoy one occasionally...the cozymystery list I co-own is doing a group read, so I'll be reading that book on Memorial Day...THE GHOST AND MRS. McCLURE by Alice Kimberly.

Did you choose a military book yet?

Happy Reading,

Livia said...

You know I commented on this earlier but it happens to appear at my own BLog entry which has nothing to do with military romances!

I have a nice tidy pile of military romance and I might attempt to tackle a quick read over the holiday weekend.


WK said...

LOL I haven't decided which one to read as of yet, but I do believe I'll pull out one of my Maureen Child's Bachelor Battalion books to read. I don't recall seeing a series romance with a military man when I was in the story today, however I think I have one I bought a week or so ago when I had a coupon that had a military hero.

PS have a great weekend. My baby boy graduated Kindergarten today....