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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Too hot to read?

It's a 100 or close to it here. I swear we are burning up. But still I want to read. Sit back in the A/C and under the fan, and read. I plan to start FALLING FOR KING'S FORTUNE by Maureen Child in just a bit. So has it ever been too hot or too cold for you to read? As in Thia's post ever been longing to read and just couldn't? What do you do?

Do you move from book to book until you can read? Or do you give it up for awhile and try again later?

Any books you long to read when it's hot? I'm wondering if a Winter setting will help me cool off?LOL

WendyK*sweating even in the A/C!*

1 comment:

Joy said...

If I don't like it I usually give it a few chapters and see if it will turn around. If not then I start on something else.