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Sunday, June 15, 2008

A great Book!!!!

HIDDEN by Shelley Sheppard Gray
Read my review here:

This book is wonderfully written, and deeply emotional. HIDDEN tells the story of Anna Metzger who runs to her Amish friend Katie and her family's Amish Bed and Breakfast. Anna is unsure of herself and her life, but longs to feel safe again. Within Katie's home and with Katie's family Anna begins to find the person she truly wants to be, and the place she feels she belongs. But the past is not going to go away. And Katie's brother Henry isn't too happy to have Anna staying with them. At least at first. Has Anna found her home finally? While in hiding will Anna find her true self?

This is a Christian fiction with romance and I'd suggest everyone read it. It's a great story. You will be glad to have read it!

If you've read the book please tell me your thoughts?

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