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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Christian Fiction Challenge

Living Waters Publishing Company has teamed with Compassionate
Healing Ministries International to present our first annual Summer
Christian Reading Challenge.


Dates: June 9 - July 18
Ages: 10-15 Prize: $75
Number of winners: 3
Drawings held on: July 25
Participating sites: http://livingwaters publishing. blogspot. com,
www.livingwaterspc. com, http://chmi. weebly.com,
http://paradiseforw riters.blogspot. com

Details: Every Monday, we will put a book on the participating sites,
found below. Each Friday, we will post a quiz under that listing. It
must be copied and pasted into a Word document, answered and emailed
back to info@livingwaterspc .com by Saturday noon in order to be
eligible for the drawings. The more books you complete, the more
chances you'll have at winning. The answers must be correct to gain


Dates: June 9 - July 18
Ages: 16 years of age and up
Prize: $100
Number of winners: 3
Drawings held on: July 25
Participating sites: www.livingwaterspc. com,
http://livingwaters publishing. blogspot. com,
http://learntofeelp retty.blogspot. com,
http://paradiseforw riters.blogspot. com, http://chmi. weebly.com

Details: A book will be posted on participating sites on Mondays and
the quiz will be posted on Fridays. You must copy and paste your quiz
into a Word document, answer it correctly and email it to Jessica at
info@livingwaterspc .com to gain entry into the drawing. All quizzes
are due in by the following Saturday noon.

FOR MORE INFO, EMAIL US AT info@livingwaterspc .com

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Living Waters Publishing Company said...

WOW! Thank you so much for posting this for us. I'm not sure who you are but we thank you for this. God bless you.