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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Darth Vader and reading in bed

Everyone has their favorite place to read.

Mine is my bed. How can you give up nearly fifty years of habit?! Early in life, my bedroom was the place to go to escape my turbulent family life, and the bed was the main piece of furniture in it. Then for twenty-nine years and two children and assorted pets including dh, I lived in a small one-floor house where the only place to go to read in peace was the bed, late at night.

Now I have a lovely room in a much larger house that's all mine, complete with my idea of heaven--orange walls, room for _lots_ of books, a comfy sofa, and a bright lamp beside it. The only thing is--

I want to read in bed! The only problem, that's where dh's toy, the big-screen plasma tv with Surround Sound system is. Last night I finished up the ARC of Julie Kenner's July release, DEJA DEMON (yes, the fourth in her Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom series--this one's fantastic!)
to all the lovely sounds of the original 'Star Wars.' Darth Vader's heavy and ominous breathing seemed appropriate as background noise to demon fighting and Saving The World From Evil. Darth Vader's famous theme will forever be intertwined in my mind with Kate Connor and family.

Tonight I'm reading the first in a new cozy mystery series set in the Edwardian period, HIGH MARKS FOR MURDER by Rebecca Kent aka Doreen Roberts Hight. I'm happily ready to hit the sheets. Dh informs me that he's watching the new Rambo movie...oh, dear!

So where do you like to read?


WK said...

LOL I can just see that. My favorite place to read? Anywhere. No I'm being serious. I can read anywhere. I read in the Livingroom while watching TV, yep I can do both at once, or I can completely block out the TV and just pay attention to my reading. I read outside in a chair while the kids play, I read at the beach, I read in a car(although that I have to watch because certain times it will cause me to get a headache and feel sick to my stomach), I rarely read in bed, though. It's uncomfortable to me. I like sitting up I guess and hubby hates a light on when he's sleeping or trying to. And I'm more of the TV watching especially Jay Leno at night when I'm going to bed. So I guess if I had to pick it'd be in the chair in the Living room. I remember as a kid reading in bed with my mom, I'd have this stack of books by the bed and say "mom I'm reading to you, now be quiet and listen" my mom says I was doing this at 3(okay so I was a bit bossy, maybe that's why my male cousins hate to read, I used to make them sit and listen while I made up stories or read to them and then I'd say Okay write me an essay on this story and tell me why you loved it, because of course how could you hate it?LOL poor cousins).

WendyK*I rambled I'm sorry*

Debora said...

Wendy, you're a born reader!

I can read anywhere too and often have to, but when I'm home and have a nice long stretch of time to read, give me my bed! I have a 'husband--' one of those pillow thingy with a back and arms--I put my bed pillows in front of it and sit back in bed under the covers and read! Nice and comfy!

WK said...

LOL I have or had one of those as well, but the bed just isn't a fit for me. I prefer the chair. Namely hubby's recliner, okay so it's mine now more than his but it started out as his.LOL