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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Epilogues? Love or hate them?

Epilogues? We have been discussing SEALED WITH A KISS for the month of May over at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/GrabABook. And the question was asked about the ending and I realized, I'm a reader who loves, LOVES epilogues. I knew this before, but I think it really hit home with this particular book.I enjoyed the book. It was good. But I wanted an epilogue to let me know how things were going mths or a year down the road. I actually look at the back of books to see if they have them. Do you like epilogues? Does it matter? What's your favorite time frame for an epilogue to occur?

What are your thoughts on Epilogues? Do you feel books need them, some, most, none?

Come on talk to me:)



Eileen Astels Watson said...

I love epilogues too, they seem to help make the characters live on for me. A glimpse into the future poses a whole new era and story line for me to dream up myself for the characters I've come to know.

I especially like ones that offer a quick peak at a main event in the character's life, ie. first child, new case to solve, etc.

Glad others like epilogues too.

WK said...

Ohh I love those. When they take you to the birth of the first child, or the next big thing for that couple to face. I guess I just hate to say good-bye to characters I've come to love.LOL

Glad I'm not alone too.

And welcome here Eileen.


Debora said...

I love epilogues! I prefer a book to have one...but it doesn't influence my buying/reading decisions. I like to see the couple I've just watch fall in love despite many obstacles and conflict after a period of time has gone by...whether it be the birth of a baby or just a few moments in their lives...it gives me that 'happily ever after' warm glow!