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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Why am I complaining.....

So, why exactly am I complaining again? After all, I am in a nice air conditioned house, on vacation, in the Florida Keys. The sun has shown brightly and beautifully each day. I feel at ease here, like the Mother goddess is filling me full of love and joy with this time in her paradise. Even with all that, I am still slightly ill. I love to read on vacation and just like everytime, I bring about eight books or so. How many have I read you ask? One and I am not even finished with that! I drove down here myself, a thirteen hour drive with my two pre-teens. (Don't get me started!!) Then, when I do get the chance to read, I am either so distracted or tired, that I cannot get through one whole paragraph, much less chapter. Arrrgghhhh!!! I just want to kick back and read. With that being said, let me go on further to say that while I am complaining, I have had a super-fabulous time and even though I would like to kick back and read, it is all good. How could it not be? I am in paradise!

Happy reading - grrrrrrr.......



Debora said...

Thia, sweetie, it's hard to let go and just enjoy paradise! Sit back and enjoy those spectacular sunrises and sunsets and get in touch with yourself again...laze about...experience the doing nothing...then maybe you'll be able to read...but my heavens, the Florida Keys?! Who would want to read?! *g* We do, we're bookaholics, right?!

Have you seen any of Hemingway's six-toed cats? Toured his house? That's what I'd love to do!

Have a great time!

Hugs, Deb

WK said...

LOL Poor Thia in Paradise and can't read? I laugh but I know the feeling. Relaxing means reading, right? I hope you get a chance soon, but meanwhile soak up the sun, take in the memories of your kids and your time and hold them close. And then let go! LOL enjoy the sun, sand, and hopefully breeze. If it's cool send some my way we are burning up here!

I hope you get to read soon. Wonder if a different book would make any difference at all?

Let us know how things are going and what book you are reading.

Livia said...

This is what I get for being overworked and just finding the time to respond to this. The heat has pushed me into reading more these last couple of days. It's pure escapism as a good book should be used for anyway,right? Luckily I have found an excellent Silhouette Desire miniseries that has really captured my attention and is holding it. The Diamonds Down Under series is excellent and despite the fact I'm reading books one,two and three out of sequence. The backdrop has been made clear and I can read the net 3 with ease. So let the heat continue until I complete this series. Then I have to go and check if I have the Maureen Child book Wendy is is blogging about.