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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Pure Sin Series, Book # 2
Kyra Davis
ISBN # 1476756856
January 2015
Contemporary Romance

The story of DANGEROUS ALLIANCE is a continuation of book one in the Pure Sin series. Bell is still seeking revenge for her mother's death and she plays her part well, as she convinces Micah to help her. However, what he wants in return might be too high a price to pay. She has a strong alliance with Lander Gable, the man whose family she wants to destroy. He makes her heart race when he holds her in his arms and these feelings are playing havoc with her desire for revenge; together they just might make the people responsible for the crime pay. Meanwhile, Bell has placed herself in the perfect position to put her plan into action.

Bell is not sure Lander understands just how far she is willing to go to avenge her mother's death. Her sole purpose in life, is to destroy her enemies at any cost. The Gable family are investment bankers and they play with money no one ever sees. Although Lander seems to be falling for Bell, he seems to be holding secrets of his own. Bell is not sure she can completely trust him or his promises. The question is, is Lander willing to sacrifice love for ambition?

DANGEROUS ALLIANCE is an action packed rollercoaster ride into the world of the rich and famous. It is a world where you can get anything done if you have the money and where the innocent who are treated like criminals. What I really liked about this book is it ties up all loose ends. The interaction between all the characters is designed to bring out emotions and prove that money can't buy love. Hide message history

Reviewed by Gloria Gehres
Rated 4

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