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Sunday, February 01, 2015

A NEW TRACERS NOVEL by Laura Griffin


Laura Griffin

A Tracers Novel – Book 8

Pocket Books

ISBN:  9781451689358

February 2015

Romantic Suspense

This latest book in a very popular series tells the story of Lieutenant Derek

Vaughn a Navy SEAL and Elizabeth Leblanc, an FBI agent based in San Antonio,

Texas.  The book begins with a mission to Afghanistan to rescue three hostages.  

Along the way, the SEAL team obtains valuable intel and takes a prisoner but

also loses one of their men.  The intelligence points to a terrorist threat

somewhere in the southern United States, likely Texas.  

When Elizabeth Leblanc, a relatively new but eager FBI agent is tapped to work

in the counter intelligence unit with Gordon Moore, one of her first tasks is to

interview Derek and his fellow SEAL, especially since the prisoner has escaped.  

Although Derek and Elizabeth haven’t seen or spoken to each other in over a

year, the intense chemistry they previously experienced comes roaring back.  It

intensifies as they begin working together to identify the terrorist

threat.  Elizabeth is reluctant around this assignment,having Derek involved is not part

of the FBI regulations.  

Like all of Griffin’s books, this one is a tremendously fast-paced and

well-written novel.  Readers are treated to a mix of high level suspense,

intense hunts for terrorists, and an excellent window into the mind of the Navy

SEAL.  Under it all is the passion of two very different characters, Derek and

Elizabeth.  As the book progresses we get a glimpse into the reasons behind

Elizabeth’s need for stability and her extreme reluctance to get involved with a

“frogman” who is gone more time than he is “in-country.”  

My only small criticism of this book involves the first pages.  I got a little

confused about Elizabeth’s character and found myself going back to the Tracers

Book 6, in which Derek and Elizabeth were first introduced.  I re-read that book

and found that revisiting background history very helpful.  But honestly, this

is only a tiny blip in this amazingly fast paced, exciting novel.  I love this

writing because it makes Navy SEALS so real and human.  It also details the

terrorist threats that are more and more a part of our lives.  Ms. Griffin has

done her homework on this one and readers will not be disappointed.  

Reviewed by Jeri Neal

Rating:  4

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