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Sunday, February 01, 2015

ZONE OF FIRE - A New novella by Lindsay McKenna


Lindsay McKenna

Blue Turtle Publishing

ISBN:  978-1-929-97700-0

February 2015

Romantic Suspense

This novella was written as part of the author’s ongoing Shadow Warriors series

published by Harlequin.  This “prequel” was written independently and tells more

of the story of Gabe Griffin and Bay Thorn, the main characters in NEVER

SURRENDER.  The book offers a bridge to the next book in the military romance

series: TAKING FIRE.

The story begins with Gabe and Bay just beginning their life with their twins,

Michael and Dawn.  Bay had been the victim of a brutal rape as a prisoner of war

and Gabe had been part of her rescue.  Being able to marry him and have his

children was a huge success for this woman who thought her life might be over

when she was captured.  Now she is back home with the man she loves, her mother

and sister, out of the military, and a new mother.

The first third of this novella is a narrative catching readers up to the new

life that Gabe and Bay have built.  Both are eager to have Gabe’s best friend,

Mike Tarik, his SEAL buddy, meet his namesake.  Both are worried about his

status in Afghanistan and when they get word that he is missing in action, Gabe

is deeply concerned that he is a prisoner of war.

This novella is perfect for those who want to read a bridge between the two

books noted above.  I think it is always challenging to covey deep emotions in a

short book.  Happily, this author manages to whet our appetite for more of this

ongoing series.  ZONE OF FIRE continues the theme of trauma and rape while

emphasizing the recovery of the individual and loved ones, in this case, Bay and


I’m a huge fan of this evocative writing, the feelings expressed by these

multi-faceted characters, and the ways they come alive on the pages.  I’m not

sure this book would have as much meaning to someone NOT involved with this

ongoing series but for those of us immersed in Shadow Warriors, it is delicious!

Reviewed by Jeri Neal

Rating:  4

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