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Monday, February 09, 2015

New J. D. Robb

J.D. Robb
ISBN: 978-0-399-17087-4
February 2015
Futuristic Suspense

Continuing where last September's FESTIVE IN DEATH left off, it is the week after Christmas and New Years Eve is fast approaching. Everyone is preparing to attend the Ball Drop Ceremony but Eve Dallas and billionaire husband Roarke have no such plans. Eve is rushing to finish up her cases so the two of them can take their usual winter vacation, when she receives a link to investigate a murder. The fact that it's a murder is no surprise but the location and the victim is, and so is the message left at the scene addressed to Eve.

Lt. Eve Dallas and her side-kick Delia Peabody have worked a long list of high profile cases and someone has followed those cases closely. That someone has become a killer that wishes to develop a special bond solely with Dallas, eliminating anyone that dares to disagree or bad mouth the lieutenant.

Dallas knows she has a very sick killer on her hands but she has no intention of handing over the case to anyone else. She stands firm on finding the psychopath even when Dr. Mira tells her the killer's behavior will change drastically when Eve spurns her. This change in behavior can easily cause the killer to turn her attention towards those Dallas loves so much, especially Roarke. During a very vulnerable moment, readers will get a glimpse of the love and devotion Eve has for her increasingly long list of friends and family. This thought alone makes the necessity to take down this particular killer very dangerous and meticulous.

OBSESSION IN DEATH is a very suspenseful story that brings into the limelight the relationships that Eve Dallas has formed over the years. Relationships that have become so important to her and played a major role in her growth. The killer is not known to Dallas nor the reader until the very end of the book which makes the process of elimination edge-of-the-seat exciting! There are memories with this story that will probably cause the reader to sit down again with some of the earlier books in this series. The In Death storyline was first published twenty years ago. With the release of OBSESSION IN DEATH, this reviewer has read a total of forty books and the entries just keep getting better.

Reviewed By Livia Holton
Rating: 4 1/2

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Gloria said...

I'm 2 books behind in this series. But I have already order this book.