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Sunday, February 01, 2015

New from Jessica Lemmon!

Jessica Lemmon
Hachette (eBook)
February 2015
Contemporary Romance

Evan Downey has dealt with the loss of his wife for four years. Moving himself and his seven year old son, Lyon, to Evergreen Cove seems to be the best way to start over, away from the constant reminders of the life he lost. However, with the comforting presence of his late wife's best friend, Charlotte "Charlie" Harris, he soon discovers that her presence means more than just a friendly face for his son.

Charlie has mourned her best friend's death for years. Yet when Evan and his son arrive in town, she does her best to keep their lives as easy as possible. Old feelings begin to surface, ones that she put aside when years ago Evan chose Rae instead of her. There was never a question of jealousy, as she was truly happy for them both. Now, however, Evan seems to have noticed her, and their chemistry is off the charts. As an artist, Evan works on his projects by day and even shares some of his work with Charlie. Charlie can't seem to deal with the fact she's falling in love, let alone her best friend's husband. Will she be able to deal with the guilt issues and forge ahead with the man she's always loved, or will it drive him away?

What I loved about this book is the unrelenting and unwavering devotion of Evan. He was devoted to his wife four years after her death, he's devoted to his son, Lyon and to his work as an artist, but most of all, he becomes devoted to Charlie and doesn't give up. There's something so sexy about a man who knows what he wants and doesn't take it for granted either. The romance is well built up and very hot! Charlie is a good heroine even though I got frustrated with her at times. As for the secondary characters, they are wonderful. Lyon is a wonderfully written young boy, who even though he's lost his mother and barely remembers her, has a big heart. I also am very interested in his friend's story, Ash, a real jerk of a guy. I'm sure there's a story there!

Reviewed by Jennifer Jones
Rating: 4 1/2

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