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Sunday, March 01, 2015

A New Title by Linda Lael Miller

THE MARRIAGE CHARMThe Brides of Bliss CountyLinda Lael MillerHQNISBN:
978-0-373-77892-8February 2015Contemporary Romance

Three very good friends have a marriage pact to find the “right” husbands and moving on to children, home, and family. The first of the three, Hadleigh Stevens, has married rancher Tripp Galloway. Spence Hogan, the town chief of police, ishappy for them, but determined to avoid the particular pitfalls of matrimony.
He has worked hard to cultivate the image of a womanizer, even if it isn’treally true. It comes in handy as protection of sorts from women who want to“trap” him. He’s only ever been interested in Melody but reluctant to pursueanyone, given his troubled childhood.

Melody, a jewelry designer and one of the three friends with the marriage pact, had a brief fling with Spence when they were young that was heart wrenching when it ended. When they get thrown back to together the result is predictably rocky but absolutely interesting.

When a series of burglaries plague the area, Spence is forced to work overtimeand figure out who or what is threatening the happiness he seeks with Melody.
Like all of this author’s books, there are charming animals, includingMelody’s three cats, Spence’s dog Harley and his horse, Reb. 

This is a charming story about the rocky road to love with sexy, lovable characters. While predictable in many ways it is a well-written, romantic novel about friendship,romance, and life in a small town in Wyoming. Fans will love this book.

Reviewed by: Jeri NealRating: 4

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Gloria said...

Thanks for the review, I'll be adding it to my TBR pile.