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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

WILD TEXAS ROSE Whispering Mountain Jodi Thomas Berkley ISBN: 978-0425250372 Historical Romance This is the story of Rose McMurray and Texas Ranger Duncan McMurray, known in previous books as "Duck". At its center it is a story about cowboys and their sweethearts and we follow several storylines involving relationships and romance. In the beginning, Rose is summoned by her old school friend to stand up with her at her wedding. From the beginning Rose knows something is not right about the wedding plans and the relationship. Early on, Duncan is introduced as her adopted brother, who shows up at unexpected times. This novel has a number of secondary romances and themes. All entertaining and woven expertly into the plot, the predominant focus is on Rose and Duncan and their "dance" with each other. Excellent character development, a fine Western setting, this novel's only flaw involves trying to focus on too many secondary stories, to the detriment of the main romance. Still, fans of this author will love this book. Reviewed by Jeri Neal Rating: 3

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