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Sunday, September 09, 2012

August Paranormal Picks

Dark Brethren Novel-Book
Tracey O'Hara
August 2012
Bianca Sin is a forensic witch whose latest case is one of the worst she has ever experienced. Someone is using dark magic in a horrific manner and the bodies are stacking up and leaving the calling card of The Dark Brethren. Bianca teams up with Lancelot McManus, a homicide detective who is known not to be to fond of witches except for Bianca and with a little help from shapeshifter Oberon DuPrie, hopefully they will figure out the why and how before more are murdered. As Bianca and Lance work closer together, their underlying attraction comes to the surface and secrets from the past as well as the present will either bring them closer or tear them apart. Meanwhile politics plays a part as Bianca and her team are removed from the case and end up having to work the case illegally, knowing that nobody will be able to solve the case except for them. And as time runs out, Bianca and Lance may just end up giving all. So, if you are looking for a great mystery with a paranormal fix, SIN'S DARK CARESS is just the ticket.
Reviewed by Lori Sears
Rating: 4
The Chosen Ones-Book 5
Christina Dodd
Signet Select
ISBN: 978-0-451-41324-6
August 2012
Aleksandr Wilder disappeared a couple of years ago and since then his family has grieved his loss. The Chosen Ones have continued to fight the Others, but it has seemed to become a losing battle without their brother. And now Charisma is missing and feared dead and the losses are taking their toll on the group as the final countdown approaches. But Charisma isn't actually missing, she was just following the earth's call and ended up lost in the tunnels underneath the city and is hurt and fighting for her life. Just when she thought that death was certain, someone more beast than man saves her life. He is the Guardian of the Belows and she is drawn to him when most are terrified of his appearance. He tends to her, saves her and secretly starts to fall for the lovely woman who brings hope to him. Charisma falls for him as well and vows to help him remember who he really is and maybe they will save each other. The Chosen Ones Series has been so much fun and with WILDER it comes to a close, maybe! I have truly enjoyed the series and look forward to more from the talented Ms. Dodd. She gives her paranormal romance fans everything they could ask for and more from the sensual love scenes to the action and angst.
Reviewed by Lori Sears
Rating: 4 1/2

A Celta Novel-Book 11
Robin D. Owens
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-425-25314-4
August 2012
Garrett Primross is the only survivor of a horrible disease that killed a group of people including the woman he loved. Now several years later the disease is back and the Healers of Celta are asking for him to suffer through the sickness again in order to procure a vaccine. He knows that he will suffer greatly, but how can he turn them down, even though he will be saddled with the one healer he has tried to avoid at all costs; she is his HeartMate. The woman destined for him, but after losing his first love he will be damned before he will ever pursue her. She is not aware and since her family has been in hiding for years she just assumed her HeartMate decided not to come for her. Her family was wrongly accused of being a part of an evil occult blamed for deaths and the gossip pretty much destroyed them. Now mostly everyone treats them with disdain, including some of the Healers Artemisia works with. But with her help, Garrett survives the disease again only to be thrust into an investigation related to Artemisia's families past. They will have to team up and investigate a murder and maybe even admit that becoming HeartMates might just be the right thing to do. HEART SECRET is another lovely romance by Ms. Owens and even if you are not a paranormal fan you will truly enjoy her stories.
Reviewed by Lori Sears
Rating: 4
Lori Sears

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