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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

BRIDE OF THE HIGH COUNTRY A Runaway Brides Novel Kaki Warner Berkley Sensation ISBN: 978-0-425-24750-1 June 2012 Historical Romance In this latest book by the talented Kaki Warner, we meet Margaret Hamilton, now an adult, who escaped a brothel as a young child and became a ward of a wealthy Manhattan widow. Now her name is different and she is slated to marry well, to Doyle Kerrigan. Doyle, an Irish man who has clawed his way to notoriety as a businessman, needs a respectable wife. He has no idea the woman he plans to marry has such a sordid history. When Margaret learns that Doyle was a runner in his early years she is shocked since it was runners who contributed to the death of her impoverished parents. She leaves Doyle at the altar and cunningly escapes to the west. What she doesn’t count on is being followed by Doyle’s business partner, the Pinkerton men, and even a man from her childhood. She gives a harrowing chase right into Heartbreak Creek. Perhaps the best part of this book is that we get to catch up with characters from past books who have built lives in Colorado. Honestly, this is a terrific western romance with just as much passion, description, and depth as this author’s previous novels. I loved this book and I predicted that Ms. Warner would be an author to watch. I love it when I’m right! Reviewed by Jeri Neal Rating: 4 1/2

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