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Friday, September 28, 2012

September Mystery reads

The Sept reads were great this year. There are so many good ones to choose from! Here are a few recaps of those I finished recently.

These are Berkley releases:

BUFFALO BILL'S DEAD NOW A Wind River Mystery by Margaret Coel.  ISBN: 978-0-425-25271-0.  If you enjoy Native American themed books, this one is for you. The regalia of Chief Black Heart in Buffalo Bill's Wild West show are being returned to his people. But the cartons are empty and art collector Trevor Pratt believes theives stole them in route. Vicky and Father John think Trevor knows more than he is telling and when he winds up dead, they know their instincts were correct. While trying to track down the stolen goods, they will also have to untagle a weave of lies that have tied two Arapaho familes together. This is a fast paced, emotional story that will entrance the reader from beginning to end.

Rating: 4.0

THE DARLING DAHLIAS AND THE CONFEDERATE ROSE by Susan Wittig Albert. ISBN: 978-0-425-24776-1. A small town mystery story set in the south during the Depression era, the Darling Dahlias are an eclectic group of women who stand beside each other through thick and thin. Mostly thin during this time. When one of their own is thought to be the source of a theivery at the bank, each one closes ranks to protect her. The strength of families during this time is amazing and those of us that live now, could learn a thing or two about stretching our resources, standing up for a true cause, and protecting those we care most about. A good solid read.

Rating: 3.0

DEATH WITH A BOW An Accessories Mystery by Grace Carroll. ISBN: 978-0-425-25156-0. Things have not been stellar for Rita lately. Her job is great but her love life is at a stand still. And then the upscale botique she works at hires a new sales girl. Who is all that in a neat and tidy package. Shoved in the back room to answer phones, Rita is not happy. But is she mad enough to kill? Some think so when she is the one to find the new girl dead on the sales floor. Rita better start with a good sales pitch, and fast! This is a cute read with a lot of fun fashion advice. A breath of freshness in the mystery world.

Rating: 4.0

WALL-TO-WALL DEAD A Do-It-Yourself Mystery by Jennie Bentley. ISBN:978-0-425-25556-8. Avery and her partner, Derek, are fixing up a cute little condo. They bargained for a quick flip, not a nosey neighbor. When the busybody ends up dead, Avery suspects foul play and soon everyone is a suspect. It seems some people have deep secrets. But are any of them worth killing over? Hopefully Avery finds out before she ends up on the receiving end.  A sweet mystery with a little romance added in. The characters all mesh together well and are fun to learn more about.

Rating: 3.0

DEATH WHERE THE BAD ROCKS LIVE A Spirit Road Mystery by C.M. Wendelboe. ISBN: 978-0-425-25611-4. FBI agent Manny Tanno thought he had left his tribe and the reservation behind him years ago. But now, he finds himself back at the beginning and knows you can never fully escape your past. In Badlands National Park, there is a place that was used as a bombing range. The Lakota refer to it as the Stronghold. Sixty five years later, the Sioux tribe would like any remaining ammunition defused in the Stronghold. When the company finds human remains near a live bomb, Tanno and the tribal police are called to investigate. As the body is removed, two more are found. The remains are close together but happened years apart. What really happens in the Stronghold? Tanno has to delve back into his own past to find out what is going on in the present. A strong read about the intricate tribal lives on a reservation. The insight into these proud, magnificent people is rewarding. Tanno is a down to earth hero. This story will suck you in quickly.

Rating: 4.5

MURDER UNMENTIONALBE A Sweet Nothings Lingerie Mystery by Meg London. ISBN: 978-0-425-25157-7. Emma abandoned her life as a big city fashionista to help her aunt Arabella breathe new life into her old store, Sweet Nothings. As she settles back into Paris, Tennessee, Emma begins to breathe easily. Until her old life collides with her new one in the form of her ex. When he is found dead inside the door of Sweet Nothings, Emma will need to put on her pantyhose and figure out what is going on. A neat story about vintage unmentionables and the betrayal of a friend.

Rating: 3.0

TREACHEROUS TOYS A Renaissance Faire Mystery by Joyce and Jim Lavene. ISBN: 978-0-42525158-4. Jessie Morton is back at the Renaissance Faire Village working as an apprentice to the new toy maker. But when Chris Christmas is found dead just hours after her arrival, Jessie's holiday plans begin to melt away. It's just like her to try to unwrap a mystery. This series is so much fun! A world away from the world, at the Villiage, people live their jobs. The reader never knows what is going to happen, who is going to show up, or what secrets will be revealed. A lively read!

Rating: 4.0

HOW TO TAIL A CAT A Cats and Curios Mystery by Rebecca M. Hale. ISBN: 978-0-425-25129-4. An albino alligator is loose in San Francisco, which is exciting news. But Rupert and Isabella have better things to do. Who cares that they are cats, they have a more important job such as helping to look into the mysterious Steinhart brothers. They were 1900's era benefactors who provided hte orignal funding for hte alligator's aquarium. And to get to the bottom of it, Oscar's niece needs to follow the money, even when it leads to unsavory places. This is a fun read where the cats help solve the mysteries unearthing the biggest clues. A good read for cat lovers everywhere.

Rating: 3.0

All books reviewed by Kathy Fisher

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